Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting
Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting

Have you been itching to get your home or business a new coat of paint? Now is the perfect time of year to make it happen! What is it about summer that makes it the best time for exterior painting? There are a few reasons. Let’s take a look.

Faster Painting

The first, and most obvious reason, for getting your exterior painting done in the summer is that the temperature is higher. When it’s warm outside, it’s easy for painters to get the job done quickly. Paint dries much faster, there’s rarely a drop of rain to interrupt the process, and coats can go on practically back to back.

Getting this process finished faster benefits everyone involved. Hourly costs go down, painters can get in and out, and businesses have their service interrupted for a shorter time.

Improved Business

If you run a store and are looking to have exterior painting done, there’s a bonus reason why you should get it done in summer. Most stores see an increase in business during the summer months. Not only is summer when most people are taking vacations and splurging their savings, it’s also when new customers show up.

Summer is a great time for getting outside and walking around. It’s warm enough to hang out with friends or family in town, on foot. That means more people will be walking past your store. This time of year is when many people will suddenly notice a shop they’ve never been in and check it out. If you have exterior painting done at the beginning of summer, your business will stand out even more than usual. A fresh coat of paint may make your shop seem like a new addition, even if it’s been sitting, unnoticed, for years.

A Great Time for Socializing

Even if you’re not a shop owner, there is a social bonus to getting painting done in summer. It’s a great excuse to host friends or family. Having a barbecue will give a lot of opportunities to discuss the recent home improvement work you’ve had done. As adults, there’s often not a lot of time and inspiration to socialize outside of work. This is your next excuse!

Hire Premier Group Contractors

When you’re ready to get exterior painting done for your home or business, Premier Group Contractors is ready and waiting. Our group is made up of contractors with many skills. That means we have painters on board that are waiting for your call. Call us today and let us know if you’d like your home or business to get an upgrade this summer.

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