What’s a Typical Day Like for a General Contracting Company?



You already know why you want to hire a general contractor. But what’s it like from the general contractor’s point of view? Here’s an insider view on what a work day is like for them:


Double-check permits are secured

This would’ve been taken care of long before work begins at the job site, but it’s better to be on the safe side and double-check anyway. After all, no work can be done without the proper permits in hand.


Discuss any last-minute changes with homeowner

Ideally, the renovation plans are final by this point. However, changes can happen and this is where the general contractor can discuss with the homeowner on how the new changes will impact the rest of the renovation project.


Inspect job site for safety hazards

If the project can proceed on schedule that day, the general contractor will do a safety check around the job site. This ranges from keeping all work paths clear of obstacles to designating a first aid station or person.


Post project schedule for everyone to refer to

It’s a quick but crucial task that keeps everyone on the same page about what needs to be done in the long run. The posted project schedule would be kept up-to-date with any new changes.


Confirm materials are sufficient and stored safely

Just like the permits, this would’ve been done before the start of the renovation work. It’s important to not only make sure there’s enough material ordered for the whole project, but also that they are stored in a safe location.


Set up renovation waste disposal system

It’s amazing how much waste is generated during renovation! A proper disposal system helps maintain an organized job site and clean-up afterwards.


Review work plans for the day with sub-trades

Although everyone can see the posted project schedule, checking in with them individually puts the work that needs to be done that day into sharp focus.


Oversee renovation work and find solutions to issues that come up

With the day’s work ahead of them, the general contractor and sub-trades will collaborate to stay on task throughout the day.


Ensure job site is tidy at the end of the day

After a hard day’s work, it’s time to clean up the job site. This is all to make sure debris are cleared off while tools and materials are locked up or removed off-site.


Summarize renovation progress to homeowner and notify of any changes to project scope

Before calling it a day, the general contractor may also have a quick chat with the homeowner about how the project is going and whether any issues that came up will alter the project scope.


Now you know – that’s how general contractors do what they do!

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