What is Crown Molding and Who Should Get It?
What is Crown Molding and Who Should Get It?

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of interior design. The average person overlooks things here and there. However, if you’re planning on designing or remodeling your home interior, some things are worth learning about. If you don’t know what crown molding is, we’re here to help.

What is It?

Most people are familiar with baseboards. These are the strips of wood along where the wall and floor meet. They cover the seam at the edge of your flooring and make a room look more finished. Baseboards are a type of molding.

Crown molding, you might have guessed by now, are baseboards for your ceiling, in simple terms. The molding goes against the wall where the wall meets the ceiling.


What function does crown molding serve? It depends on how your house is built. For some, there is no real functionality. If you have walls and ceilings made of painted drywall, the most the molding does, functionally, is cover your paint. It makes it unnecessary to get a perfect edge to the paint on your wall.

There are homes where crown molding has more functionality, however. If your ceiling or walls are made with panels or wooden boards, these strips covers the end seams. It’s also great for homes with wallpaper as it covers the edges and helps keep it from peeling.


Even in homes where crown molding doesn’t serve a functional purpose, it looks great. These strips of wood can be cut into detailed carvings or simple, curved shapes. No matter what your aesthetic, you can find a crown molding that fits.

Crown molding is, most commonly, painted white. White baseboards and crown molding at the top and bottom of colored walls is a beautiful contrast. The white frames in your walls and ties things together wonderfully. White isn’t the only option though. Consider the bold statement you could make with black molding. Black molding would function as a dark outline to your walls. With saturated paint colors, this could compliment styles from gothic to classic and from modern to retro. It’s all about what you pair it with.


This feature isn’t terribly hard to install, all things considered. The expertise comes in with regards to choosing a design that fits your interior. And, while putting the boards up isn’t very complicated, there’s also cutting them into the right shape and length. This goes a lot faster for a professional. Do you think crown molding would make a great addition to your current home or a nice feature in your next one? Premier Group Contractors would love to help. We’re experts at designing and implementing and will bring your ideas to life.

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