Unique Light Fixtures That We Think You’ll Like
Unique Light Fixtures That We Think You'll Like

There are a lot of light fixtures on the market these days. So much so, that we couldn’t possibly list them all if we wanted to. However, we at Premier Group have picked out some of our favorite styles. Take a look at some unique light fixtures that we think you’ll really like. 

Cage Lighting

This unusual and industrial type light fixture style is the perfect addition to a minimalist or industrial home. Cage lighting is a, usually simple, metal cage that fits over a bulb. These cages come in many different shapes and styles. From pendants to boxes to spheres, you can find one in just about any shape.

Often, cage lighting features wrought iron, making it a great design point for contemporary or rustic, industrial interiors. For those fixtures that choose other materials, you can find stainless steel, copper, and even white-coated steel. When taking into consideration the variety of colors and materials, there really is a cage lighting fixture for every interior design style.

Punch-Out Lighting

If you want something that straddles the line between gothic and rustic, punch-out lighting is a great choice. Imagine a black, iron, geometric cage for your bulb. Now imagine a number of small shapes and holes punches out of the metal. This allows your light fixture to cast small rays of light all throughout the room when it’s dark. Or, during the day, it functions as a sort of glowing centerpiece, radiating warmth from within.

Copper and Bronze

Copper and bronze are incredibly popular right now, especially with the rise of industrial interior design. However, these materials don’t just go with industrial. They also fit in with rustic designs. Do you have a chic farmhouse aesthetic? A bronze light fixture would do just perfectly above your kitchen table. On the flipside, if you have a city loft with exposed pipes and a dark and rich color palette, copper would fit right in as well.

Both copper and bronze have something in common: they’re warm and rich in color. That makes them a great addition in many different styles. The only thing limiting their use is our imaginations and aesthetic limitations.

Orb Lighting

Last but not least, we have orb lighting. These light fixtures are simple spheres that surround our lightbulbs. These fixtures can come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit whatever your interior may look like. Combining different colors sizes, and heights for a multi-bulb light fixture works beautifully. Whether you want this fixture above your dining room table, in your kitchen, or illuminating your bedroom, its bubbly aesthetic will add youth to any interior.

No matter your choice of light fixture, if you need lights installed or electric wiring redone, Premier Group Contractors can help you out. We have a team of specialists who know their way around electricity and lighting like you and I know the way around our own home. Give us a call if you want to discuss appointment openings or have questions about the extent of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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