Uncommon Design Choices That Deserve More Attention
Uncommon Design Choices That Deserve More Attention

In the design world, there are a number of things considered rules of design. You might have heard a few of them. Maybe you’ve heard how you should always keep the ceiling white to make a room feel more open. For the same reason, people usually use light colors in small rooms. For every rule, however, there’s a contradicting design choice that can be done in just the right way that it works! Let’s see some of those unusual choices and why they work.

Black Paint

Black paint is the nightmare of interior designers everywhere. Not only is it dark and seen as a menace to spaciousness, it’s also hard to cover up once applied. But guess what – black paint has its place. In places like bedrooms, black paint can make a really breathtaking focus wall.

White paint might make things feel bigger, but the drawback is that you can see shadows on it. Painting the wall across from a door black will trick your perception into thinking the room is deeper. It also provides a great contrast to furniture colors and make any colors in the room stand out something wonderful.

Not only can black paint be used for focus walls, it can be used for accents like trim as well. Painting your trim or doors black will give your house a youthful and energetic appearance. This type of accent isn’t right for everyone, but some might find it’s just the eccentric touch they’re looking for.

Stair Storage

Using under the stairs for storage has always been popular, but our methods have evolved. Once upon a time, a closet was the standard. The downside to that is that it’s just too easy to shove everything into a closet and forget about it. Let’s not even think about trying to pull it all out and organize! A closet under the stairs is a magnet for junk.

Lucky for us, the tiny house movement has popularized alternatives to putting a closet under the stairs! If you haven’t heard of tiny homes, they’re homes that are usually around 30 square meters. A lot of them are on a trailer base and are really narrow. The size of these homes has made it important for their owners to utilize every space as efficiently as possible. That’s inspired a lot of great uses for the space under their stairs.

One such use is each stair having a small drawer in it. That’s one of the less convenient options, so for those of us with a bigger house, we wouldn’t want the hassle. However, turning the space under the stairs into a shelving unit or set of drawers is a fantastic use of space! It gives us a lot of storage space that, when divided up, makes it easier to organize. The size of your drawers and shelves is completely determined by what’s most convenient to you. And if you don’t feel like looking at shelving all the time, you can even have the shelves covered and turned into small cupboards.

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