Top Bathroom And Kitchen Trends in 2017


With populations aging and more awareness of the differently abled, accessibility issues have become more important to the general public.  Sloped entry ways, lowered shelving and light switches, touchless faucets and wider doorways all promote accessibility for all.  Automated systems such as remote controlled drapery, motion detected lighting and smartphone operated HVAC systems not only help the differently abled, but they can be more energy efficient as well.   

Quartz Countertops

Quartz works as a countertop because of its durability and resistance to staining and scratching.  With the advent of engineered quartzes which contain an added resin, homeowners no longer have to worry about sealing, polishing or sanding down their countertops.  A simple wipe with a soft cloth and mild soap is all that’s needed.  Whether used in the bathroom or kitchen, quartz countertops come in a huge variety of styles that can be chosen to work with any surroundings.

Large Stone Slabs

Whether used as dining room table tops, kitchen backsplashes or shower surrounds, single slab tiles act as functional, fashionable and waterproof protective surfaces.  Without the need for grout, they’re more easily cleaned and while affording aesthetically pleasing surfaces.  Although they may be more expensive than traditional materials, the eye-popping value makes it worth the cost.

High Contrast Colours

Strong color combinations have traditionally been considered a no-go when it comes to interior design.  Worry about resale value, colour fatigue and matching issues have led designers to be more conservative when it come to colour combinations.  However, with classic bold colours such as blacks or reds, homeowners and designers have found using unique accessories, materials and patterns that complement the high contrast colours can create styles that are more timeless than flash-in-the-pan.  Don’t be steered away from a colour combination that innately appeals to you.

Open Concept Showers

Sticking with accessibility issues, but also providing a dramatic flair, curbless, open-concept showers give the bathroom a larger look by losing the enclosed space.  Making the bathroom floor a single level allows easier shower use for the elderly or differently abled.  Additionally, cleaning becomes simpler as there are fewer edges for dirt to accumulate, while the lack of shower doors cuts down on residual soap scum.

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