The Perfect Time for Installing a New Roof
The Perfect Time for Installing a New Roof

If your roof is running out of time on its lifespan, now’s the best time to get it replaced. Installing a new roof is also in the cards if you keep having leaks. While Installing a new roof is expensive, the roof is, arguably, the most important part of your house. After all, walls are great but, by themselves, they don’t do much to keep the rain out. So, what makes this the perfect time to install a new roof? Here are a few reasons.

Summer Is Construction Season

The most notable reason why now is the perfect time for installing a new roof is that summer is construction season. The weather is nice, rain is scarce, and everyone’s looking to get their projects done while the school year isn’t actively taking time and resources.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you want to get it replaced before it starts showing real problems. Problems in a roof’s integrity can show up fast and become relentless. Plus, problems begin to rear their head in roofs during storm seasons. Therefore, it won’t be until the weather takes a turn for the worst that you realize it’s not doing so hot. Better to nip problems in the bud by taking that lifespan seriously.

Leaks Lead to Expensive Damages

If your roof is already beginning to have leaks, you need to begin seriously considering the long-term health of your home. Installing a new roof may not seem like a big deal when you only have one drip in the kitchen. However, summer is only just beginning. If your roof is on the decline, you have no way of predicting how many more issues will pop up before the dry season returns next year.

A drip in the kitchen is manageable, but if a leak springs up above your attic, or over a part of the house you don’t use much, it can go from a small drip to the ceiling collecting water damage. This isn’t just unsightly, it’s a speedy route to widespread mold problems. And, widespread mold problems are not something to take lightly. They can destroy a home beyond repair in a matter of months.

Instead of banking on your roof holding itself together until next summer, be prompt about replacing it. You’ll could save yourself a lot of money in potential damages.

It’s Almost Real Estate Season

What comes after construction season? That’s right – real estate season! There are two times during the year when people want to move: early fall and late spring. New houses and house repairs are finished during the summer and then houses are put on the market as fall approaches. People want to move right before or right after the school year so that their kids don’t have a middle-of-the-year catch-up to do at a new school.

If you want to sell your home and your roof is nearing its expiration date, replace the roof. You will have a much easier time selling, and will be able to sell at a much nicer price. Get that replacement done while the summer months are still here and be ready in time for real estate season!

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