Spice Up the Kitchen With Island Styles Like These



You’ll be hard-pressed to find a modern house still with a dining room these days. The kitchen has now been expanded to serve the function of both the source and destination of meals. That makes the kitchen island all the more important to accommodate this trend.


Making sure the island fits your kitchen layout and needs is crucial to avoid making kitchen renovation mistakes. To make your kitchen stand out, here are some island styles you may want to consider:


L-Shaped or U-Shaped

Whether you go with an L-shaped or U-shaped island depends on your kitchen size. What’s attractive about these islands is that they give you more versatile layout options. That way, you can divide your kitchen island into different food preparation stations if your style of cooking involves many stages.

Another benefit of these islands is that you get to really max out your kitchen storage space. And don’t think that you’re only allowed to put in shelves or cabinets on the stove side either. Take advantage of the other side for display shelves as well as for cookbooks or good dishes.



This is a unique island style if you frequently like to entertain guests as you cook them dinner throughout the evening. The curved countertop gives everyone ample room to sit around the island and chat with you.

A curved island also helps to soften the look of the kitchen that’s often full of straight edges and sharp corners. It heightens the visual appeal by drawing the eyes to follow along its rare graceful curves. In short, this is the kind of island to have if you want it to be the centrepiece in the kitchen.



Speaking of guests sitting around the kitchen island, elevate part of it for guests to hang out on bar stools. They can then sit comfortably at eye-level to you while you’re standing. A bar-style island is popular because it makes a meal more casual than a sit-down affair.


Banquette Add-On

On the other hand, if you and your friends like to sit around a table for dinner, consider extending your island out into a banquette. The great thing about this style is that it makes your kitchen look more cohesive as the work area of the island flows naturally into the dining area, all wrapped in the same finish.


A well-designed island makes a huge difference at dinner parties and in everyday life.

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