Simple Decorating Tips To Make Your Home Office Look Modern And Stylish

In this day and age more and more people are working “remotely” or out of their own homes.  With this change in location comes the added task of setting up a home office.  Here are some simple decorating tips that can make your home office look modern and stylish.

The Desk

One of the most important parts of any office is the main work area – typically a desk.  Taking into account the space available to you, try and get the largest desk possible.  Not only will it allow you ample space to do your work, it will make it easier to keep things organized and looking tidy.

The Chair

Along with the desk, a good chair is just as important.  You will, after all, be spending most of your office time sitting in it.  Choosing a rolling or stable chair depends upon your preference, but do not skimp when it comes to a comfortable place to set your derriere.


Although your office area likely has overhead lighting already, investing in some quality lamps can really change the look of your office space.  Lamps will add style and ambience as well as give you appropriate light for different tasks.


Adding carpet or rug to an office will not only give you a warmer and more comfortable space for your feet, it can add to the overall decor of the office.  You may also want to add a plastic chair mat to allow easy movement of your chair without ruining your carpet, rug or floor.


Rather than keep stacks of papers, books and office supplies on your desk, take note of the organizational habit known as “mise en place” –  French for “everything in its place.”  Depending on your type of work, bookshelves, filing cabinets and various receptacles will keep your working space neat and organized.


Accessories will bring out the personality of your office, so choose them according to the type of work you do and the style you want to project.  Whether it’s a matching desk set, works of art, or coordinated furnishings such as curtains or cabinets, tailor your acquisitions to the type of work you do.

Setting up a modern and stylish home office means thinking about a handful of key pieces.  Keep these in mind when imagining your office as a whole.  Tying these key pieces together will result in an office that you will be happy to spend time in.

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