How Lighting Affects Your Health
How Lighting Affects Your Health

You may not realize it, but having enough lighting is actually really important for your health. Premier Group Contractors has a team of lighting specialists who want you to know why good lighting is so critical for your wellbeing. So, without further ado, let’s discuss how lighting affects your health!

Circadian Rhythm

Do you know what your circadian rhythm is? It sounds kind of like a type of music, but it’s actually what your internal clock is called. Your circadian rhythm takes in information about your environment and uses it to set a clock inside your brain. This is why some people can wake up at the same time each morning regardless of when they went to bed. It’s also why, if you have a good circadian rhythm, you’ll begin to get sleepy when it’s dark.

The lighting in your environment can have a profoundly large effect on your circadian rhythm. If you sit in the dark constantly, you’ll find you have a harder time falling asleep and waking up. That’s because your internal clock has no idea what time it is. That makes it hard to fall asleep or wake up unless you’re really tired or have slept a long time. This affect that lights have on circadian rhythm has actually been studied at length by seeing what happens when people spend extended periods of time in environments where the light is always on or always off. Isn’t it amazing how lighting affects your health in so many ways?

Keeping the Lights Off

The reason the circadian rhythm is important is because, more and more, and especially with those in their teen and young adult years, people will sit in the dark all day. The dark can be convenient if you want to watch Netflix or get more ambience when playing video games. However, sitting in the dark all day can severely throw off your circadian rhythm. Your brain doesn’t know what time of day it is. Then, when you try to sleep, your brain doesn’t realize anything has changed about the time or environment and doesn’t know to go into sleep mode.

The reason that’s so bad for you is that, for one thing, sitting in the dark can actually lead to or worsen depression. The other thing is that bad sleep can also lead to or worsen depression as well as negatively affect other aspects of your health.

Keeping the Lights On

While sitting in the dark isn’t good, sleeping in the light is also bad. With many of the same effects on your circadian rhythm as sitting in the dark all day, leaving lights on at night is bound to cause problems. Kids should be weened off night lights as soon as possible and adults should be sure to turn off lights before going to bed.

Using Lights to Your Advantage

The fortunate thing about this effect lights have on our circadian rhythm is that we can use them to our advantage. The more steady our circadian rhythm is, the easier time we have getting to sleep and staying asleep. Ensuring you have adequate lighting in a room, is the first step. If your room is still somewhat dark when the lights are on, you may need to consider new fixtures.

The lighting professionals at Premier Group Contractors are a great place to start asking questions when lighting becomes a concern. Give us a call if you need help with your home lighting and we’ll make things easy for you.

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