Expand Your Home with an Addition
Expand Your Home with an Addition

Is your home beginning to feel a little crowded? It’s so easy for things to get this way after some time. When someone like yourself moves into a new home, there are so many opportunities for the space needs to grow. From amassing more belongings to developing space-consuming hobbies to starting a family, time has a way of demanding more space. Give yourself the extra space you need so much by getting a home addition.

Growing Family

When it comes time to start your family, if you’re fond of your home, you may put off moving. It’s easy to decide you’ll just wait until the kids are a bit older and need a bit more space. Then the kids get older and they need a bit more space but everyone’s got friends and school and jobs and you’re all still attached to the house.

That’s because your house is your home and it’s not easy to give up a home with a lot of history. But the truth is, you don’t have to! Even when you start to get tight on space in your family’s home, you can just expand. There’s no reason to sell the house that has your heart when you can just make it bigger.

Addition Types

There’s not only one way to add on to a home. There are many kinds of additions.

  • Rear expansions are a great way to add on to a home without changing the appearance from the street. This kind of expansion allows additional rooms, a dining room, another sitting room, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Additional floors can also be added to one-story homes. This kind of expansion involves making changes to the roof and can feel a lot more extensive while being in the middle of it. However, it doesn’t involve laying more foundation. This can save on money and can allow you to add space to your home without violating housing codes. In some locations, you’re required to keep a certain amount of space between homes. If you’re too close to your neighbors to expand outward, upward is the way to go.
  • Basement additions are also possible, though they do tend to be pricey. This is due to the difficulty of adding something beneath an existing structure. However, if you have the funds, it’s very much possible. Adding a basement can be great for adding additional space when you already have two floors and don’t want to expand outward.

Practical Construction

The truth is, additions are incredibly practical. It can be tempting to move when you realize you don’t have enough space. That’s the most common thing to do. That’s partially because, as a society, that’s been normalized. Getting any kind of home renovation is seen as a luxury.

However, it’s actually much more practical to get an addition than try to move into a bigger home. If you break it down, moving into a bigger home will lead to buying a home that costs more than the one you’re in, right? So, what’s the difference between that and putting some money into expanding your existing home? Expanding means keeping your existing home, neighborhood, job, and location. It’s a much simpler option than moving. Plus, you get a cool new upgrade.

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