Don’t Want a Boring Bathroom? 9 Ways to Add Personality to the Bathroom



Even though you have all the right bathroom features to boost your home value, there’s more to do if you want your bathroom to pop with personality. To avoid a boring bathroom, here are 9 areas you can put some pizazz into:


The Floor

The ideal flooring for your bathroom consists of water-resistant stone/ceramic tiles or vinyl. After pinpointing the material you need, you can play around with shapes, patterns, and colours to give the unique personality you’re looking for.


The Wall

Tiled walls offer the best waterproof protection to your bathroom. They also give you a lot of character-boosting opportunities for the room in terms of tile layouts. And if you’re not a fan of the tiled look, you can always paint the bathroom walls in a colour that suits your style. Then, top it all off with some architectural details as well like wainscoting and shiplap.


The Fixtures

Don’t settle for the standard pop-in fixtures! Take the time to source unique claw-foot bathtubs or high-tech toilets, depending on the theme of your bathroom.


The Lights

A bathroom needs a combination of bright lighting around the vanity mirror for makeup convenience as well as dimmable lighting throughout for ambience. So as long as you have those requirements down, the sky is the limit on the style of light fixtures you get. You can choose from luxurious chandeliers to contemporary pendant lights.


The Storage

It’s always a good idea to add extra storage in the bathroom. Try doing that with style by converting vintage dressers into beautiful vanities are putting in a custom cabinet for a personal touch.


The Seating

Seating is often neglected in bathrooms so yours will definitely stand out if you think of that. You can simply place an eye-catching chair or stool in a corner. Or better yet, create your own built-in bench!


The Mirror

You’re guaranteed to spend time in front of the mirror every day so why not make it look inviting? Be sure to frame the mirror or include a border around it in your wall design.


The Hardware

There’s a subtle way to add personality and that’s to just swap out the hardware with ones you fancy. Consider what you can do with changing up the vanity drawer handles, the towel rods, and even the toilet paper holder.


The Décor

As the clincher, get creative with small things like chic dispenser bottles, bathmats, and plants or artwork that can handle bathroom humidity.


For a room where you start and end your day with, it deserves a little more personality!


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