Category: Home Additions

Category: Home Additions

Improve Your Master Bedroom with an On-Suite Home Addition

If you’ve been living in a home with no master bathroom, you’re truly missing out. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being able to shower, then step straight into your room to dress. Not to mention, an on-suite doesn’t have to be shared with the rest of the household. The additional privacy is to die for – truly! So, how does one go about getting an on-suite without moving completely? It’s simple: an on-suite home addition is easy. Here’s how it can be done.

Building Out

The first way of adding an on-suite is the more expensive option: you can add on to the building. Building outward means adding more space to your home. This is convenient if all of your current home space is accounted for. However, it does involve extending the roof and foundation, which can be expensive and time consuming.

The build-out option is a really good one if you have more than a bathroom that you want to add to your home. For example, if your room is near to the kitchen, you could get a kitchen expansion as well as an on-suite. If these areas are back to back, you can expand the roof and foundation in the same area. This amount of additional space is more worth the trouble of building outward. However, if you’re looking for only an on-suite, or your bedroom is on the second floor, there’s also the option of remodeling.


Remodeling is when our contractors do extensive renovations in the home. This can be house-wide, or in a dedicated area. In this case, we’re looking at adding an on-suite without building out. The steps required for this are largely the same, regardless of the home. However, the specifics will vary for each different layout.

The gist of remodeling to add an on-suite is the following. Nearby bedrooms, hallway space, and more can be ‘stolen’ for the on-suite. Any space surrounding the master bedroom is able to be co-opted for the new bathroom. This is possible through taking down walls and rebuilding them in a different place, adding doors to existing walls, and more.

Retirement Remodel

One popular remodel is what we call a retirement remodel. When a retired couple finds their nest empty, and doesn’t want to move to a new home, they frequently put some of their savings into remodeling their home. This allows them to take back some of the space that used to belong to their kids.

This is especially useful if there are bedrooms that share a wall. If you have an empty bedroom beside yours, you have enough space to turn the entire bedroom into a sprawling on-suite. Or, if the bedroom is big enough, it can be divided and become a bathroom and walk-in closet. 

Premier Group Can Help

If you’re interested in an on-suite home addition, Premier Group Contractors can help. Our team of contractors has specialists for everything from drywall to electrical and plumbing. Let us know you’re interested in discussing a remodel or home addition and we’ll set up a consultation.

How Can You Install a Loft in Your Home?

For many of us, having a loft in our home is a long-time dream. Lofts simply have this fun, youthful feeling to them, while also being practical and attractive. However, if you’ve already bought a home and committed to it, moving somewhere else just to acquire a loft is pretty impractical. For some, it may be possible. For others, not so much. So, the question then becomes, can you install a loft in an existing home? Premier Group Contractors is happy to inform you that, yes, you can!

A Question of Difficulty

While the answer to whether you can add a loft or not is almost always yes, there comes the question of difficulty. You certainly can add a loft to any home, but some homes will take a lot more work than others. This has to do with many factors, such as the area of the home, the height, whether you have vaulted ceilings, and so on.

It goes without saying that in almost any case, this is a large enough job that it requires professional assistance. Adding a loft is not something most people should DIY, and those that should are already in the industry.

Adding to an Existing Structure

If you want to add a loft space over your living room or kitchen, it’s possible to do so without changing what’s there. Well… it’s possible under a few conditions.

  1. If you have vaulted ceilings, so as to provide enough head space above a new loft.
  2. If you have enough floor space to accommodate a new set of stairs, a spiral staircase, or a ladder.
  3. And, finally, if you don’t have windows or supports that cut into the desired, new loft space.

If these things are true for the area you plan to add a loft to, we can simply install a loft without making alterations to what’s there. This will involve our team:

  1. Creating new supports, to ensure the loft is held up adequately.
  2. Adding the loft structure, and anchoring it to the walls.
  3. Placing down flooring across the loft framework.
  4. Installing a stairway in the style of your choice.
  5. Putting up safety railings.
  6. Installing any new wiring, light fixtures, plumbing, or other features needed.

Remodeling to Accommodate

If your home is two stories but does not have vaulted ceilings, we may be able to add a loft with the removal of the ceiling. Frequently, flat ceilings are put in under an otherwise vaulted roof to provide attic space or to insulate better. These can typically be removed without too much hassle. However, we may need to add insulation to the roof, apply drywall, and more, to ensure you can still look up from your couch without cringing at an unfinished ceiling space.

Shorter homes without the height to add a loft may have one added, provided they are willing to raise the roof, quite literally. In some cases, this is possible to do with an existing roof. However, in most cases, the roof should be rebuilt to ensure it attaches to the rest of the roof properly and doesn’t lose integrity from being moved about. It goes without saying that this kind of remodel is extensive. However, if a loft is something you care a lot about, there’s no reason not to undergo the remodel to make your house more yours

Call us today at Premier Group Contractors if you’re looking to install a loft. We look forward to assisting in the process.

Make Working from Home Easy and Comfortable

With COVID-19 forcing us to social distance as much as possible, many of us have had to transition into working from home. What was hoped to be a temporary measure has simply become a way of life for many. Even if you worked from home before the global pandemic, things have certainly become different. Those trips to a local cafe have been cut short and we’re now a lot more confined to our home offices. At least, those of us with home offices are. 

If you didn’t have a home office before COVID-19 hit, you’re almost certainly wishing you did. Why not get one? Premier Group Contractors can make working from home a lot easier for you with a little bit of renovation. Here’s how we can help.

Use What You’ve Got

As you may know, expanding your home can be a lot more expensive because of how much extra work and material it takes. Why not use what you’ve got? If your home has plenty of space, but not in the right places, Premier Group Contractors has the solution. We can simply take some of that space and move it around.

Here’s an example. If you have a guest room attached to a den and neither one needs 100% of their space, why not borrow some? First, we’d remove the wall between the guest room and den. Then, we’d build a new wall, further into the den’s original space, and one dividing what is basically an expanded guest room. In the end, the guest room and den are a bit smaller, but there’s now a new room between them.

This same principle as well as others can be applied all over the house. By moving around a wall here and a window there, we can redivide the existing space in the house to give you the office you really need.

Make Some More Space

If there’s not enough space to go around, we can always expand your home to accommodate an office. Taking some of that yard space to build on a gorgeous attached office is an easy exchange. Plus, by expanding, you have a lot more freedom to make your office exactly how you want it. You have a lot more choices for where to put the door, what shape and size you want it to be, and where its windows sit.

Outfit Your Office

There’s more to an office than just space. Making sure your office is built for its purpose takes a little bit  more than that. Premier Group Contractors has the expertise to give it everything you need.

  • Giving it that hardwood or luxury vinyl tile that you need to comfortably move your office chair is a no-brainer.
  • Placing windows or moving old ones may be something that’s necessary for you. We want you to be able to get sunlight without causing light glare on your computer screen.
  • Built in shelving is a great way to store files, books, manuals, records, and more. It’s more stable than cheap, store-bought shelving and is built to match the room’s design.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home to accommodate working there, Premier Group Contractors is here to help. Move your desk out of your living room and make working from home easy and comfortable.

Why a Deck is the Perfect Summer Home Addition

After a while of living in the same place, things can get pretty boring. Now you’ve got the financial stability to improve your home and make it a more enjoyable place to be. If you’ve been looking for a home upgrade and can’t decide what you want to do, Premier Group has the perfect solution. A deck is the perfect summer home addition. Here’s why.

Sun for the Soul

A lot of people have a natural love of the outdoors. After all, what’s better than sitting outside, the smell of fresh air in your nose and the warmth of the sun on your skin? However, for many people, the outdoors is just not that impressive. They’ve got everything they need inside.

Well, there’s one angle you may not have considered. Sun is actually really good for you! Did you know that over 40% of people in Canada are not getting enough vitamin D? Vitamin D is responsible for a number of functions in the body. When you don’t have enough of it, you can become depressed, fatigued, have trouble sleeping, and have lower skin quality.

Having a deck built allows you to enjoy the sun and outdoors with a little more ease. No need to lie in the grass. Putting out some deck furniture can make it easy to spend some time outdoors each day. Even ten minutes of sun a day can raise vitamin D levels, improving both your mental and physical health. So, grab yourself a mixer and a good book and sit out on your new deck for a little while.

To Each Their Own

The really great thing about having a deck is that you can use it for pretty much anything. Everyone has their own preferences in how they spend their time. Use your deck in whatever way suits you.

Some may want to throw a barbecue or other kind of party. Gather friends, sit in camping chairs, and share a beer while you enjoy the sun. 

Others may prefer less social uses. Bring some blankets outside and watch the stars without the hassle of dewy, wet grass. A deck provides a dry space to set up and also distances you from many of the bugs that enjoy your lawn.

And, of course, there are those of us who have a passion for plants. If you love growing flowers, herbs, or any other kind of leafy friend, a deck will be your new favorite place. We can even build in plant benches for you along the outer edges of the deck. This allows tiering of your plant pots. You can line up all of your plants and water them with ease this way. Plus, once you’ve got the deck covered in beautiful foliage, you can use it as your own little oasis.

A Safe Staycation

Lastly, because of COVID-19, people have had to cancel a lot of their summer plans. Try not to lament the loss of travel. You can have a fantastic staycation right from your own backyard. A deck provides a lot of lounging opportunities. Whether you have kids, live with your partner, or are all by yourself, a deck can improve your summer staycation.

Give us a call at Premier Group Contractors if you want to talk deck building for your summer home addition. We look forward to hearing from you.

Make Working from Home Easy with a Home Office

Working from home can be quite difficult without the proper space for it. There are so many things that need balancing. Trying to organize papers, files, planners, and portfolios is difficult to do from the dining room table. Instead of trying to succeed from the living room give yourself the space you really need. Get away from the sound of the nearby TV or the clatter of cooking and move your work to your own home office. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you.

The Right Team

If you want a home office build-out, you’re going to need the right team for the job. Premier Group Contractors is a team of skilled professionals in all elements of contracting. That means we’re prepared to do all the work required to build you a home office. Whether that requires electrical work, construction, or otherwise, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of skilled contractors doesn’t just know how to work efficiently, we also work affordably. The price for getting work done in peace is lower than anywhere else when you hire Premier Group. Plus, our team does better work than competitors. From designing to building to cleaning up, we know we offer the best experience.

Keep Organized

When you have a home office, a lot of things suddenly become easier. For one thing, you’ll be able to organize your things. An organized office allows you to find things you need right when you need them. Thats incredibly important when you’re busy at work. The longer it takes you to sift through papers or folders to find what you’re looking for, the less work you get done. It also wastes your time.

When you hire Premier Group, we’ll make sure your office is organization friendly. With places for files, papers, portfolios, books, and office supplies, you’ll work more efficiently than ever.


Lighting is a very underappreciated part of working effectively. People are more affected by the lighting they’re in than they know. For instance, too little light or too much light can make your eyes strain. This can give you a headache, migraine, or even just make your eyes tired. When working in your home office all day, you don’t want any of these.

Premier Group will help you find the right lighting for your work space so that you can work comfortably and efficiently. Just enough light to read and write without overworking your eyes is the ideal we’re looking for. You can even choose a light fixture style that compliments your design tastes.

Desk Space

Last but not least, you deserve a proper desk to work at. No more sitting in the dining room or hunching over the coffee table. With the right desk, you can sit more comfortably, have more space for papers, and save your back from damage due to improper seating.

If you want to upgrade your home with a personalized home office, you know who to call. Contact us at Premier Group Contractors and we’ll help you make working from home easier than ever.

Expand Your Home with an Addition

Is your home beginning to feel a little crowded? It’s so easy for things to get this way after some time. When someone like yourself moves into a new home, there are so many opportunities for the space needs to grow. From amassing more belongings to developing space-consuming hobbies to starting a family, time has a way of demanding more space. Give yourself the extra space you need so much by getting a home addition.

Growing Family

When it comes time to start your family, if you’re fond of your home, you may put off moving. It’s easy to decide you’ll just wait until the kids are a bit older and need a bit more space. Then the kids get older and they need a bit more space but everyone’s got friends and school and jobs and you’re all still attached to the house.

That’s because your house is your home and it’s not easy to give up a home with a lot of history. But the truth is, you don’t have to! Even when you start to get tight on space in your family’s home, you can just expand. There’s no reason to sell the house that has your heart when you can just make it bigger.

Addition Types

There’s not only one way to add on to a home. There are many kinds of additions.

  • Rear expansions are a great way to add on to a home without changing the appearance from the street. This kind of expansion allows additional rooms, a dining room, another sitting room, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Additional floors can also be added to one-story homes. This kind of expansion involves making changes to the roof and can feel a lot more extensive while being in the middle of it. However, it doesn’t involve laying more foundation. This can save on money and can allow you to add space to your home without violating housing codes. In some locations, you’re required to keep a certain amount of space between homes. If you’re too close to your neighbors to expand outward, upward is the way to go.
  • Basement additions are also possible, though they do tend to be pricey. This is due to the difficulty of adding something beneath an existing structure. However, if you have the funds, it’s very much possible. Adding a basement can be great for adding additional space when you already have two floors and don’t want to expand outward.

Practical Construction

The truth is, additions are incredibly practical. It can be tempting to move when you realize you don’t have enough space. That’s the most common thing to do. That’s partially because, as a society, that’s been normalized. Getting any kind of home renovation is seen as a luxury.

However, it’s actually much more practical to get an addition than try to move into a bigger home. If you break it down, moving into a bigger home will lead to buying a home that costs more than the one you’re in, right? So, what’s the difference between that and putting some money into expanding your existing home? Expanding means keeping your existing home, neighborhood, job, and location. It’s a much simpler option than moving. Plus, you get a cool new upgrade.

Contact us at Premier Group Contractors to find out how you can expand your home with an addition. Our professionals have years of experience and are happy to help you bring your dreams to life.

5 House Projects to Do in the Summer


The summer air is always filled with endless possibilities. School’s out. Work at the office is slowing down. Everyone is either in vacation or party mode. It’s the season where people are actively seeking to enjoy and improve themselves. For many, upgrading their homes is a combination of both.


If you’ve been itching to embark on an ambitious home improvement journey, ’tis the season! There are certain house projects that are just meant to be done in the summer. Here they are:


Home additions

Let’s start with the big stuff first. Building an addition to your house means exposing part of it to the elements. So make sure they’re the warm elements! With such a complex project though, you have to plan for it months in advance. Get a contractor lined up and nail down a start date. Have all the materials you need ordered and stored in safe, dry place. All this will ensure the project is finished as quickly as possible long before the cool weather of fall sets in.


Replace roof

The same goes for replacing the roof. Bring down the risk of inviting the wet weather into your house by doing as much prep work as you can to help move things along. Also, summer is ideal for roof replacements and home additions because they translate to cost-savings for you in the end. You save money by not having to compensate with higher heat while the house is opened up. Plus, the long summer days mean longer working hours that lead to a faster completion time.


Upgrade front door and windows

A lot of winterizing projects are best done in the dry, summer season. Take front door and window upgrades, for instance. Since you’re making these upgrades with better insulation in mind, it’d be counterproductive to end up sealing in moisture around the frames. For the greatest energy efficiency, stick with dual-pane windows. The space between the two panes will provide extra insulation and even improved soundproofing.

The front door, on the other hand, is more than just about the insulation. You also have to balance that with durability and security. Start looking at the top front door materials and decide which type best suits your needs. You can recoup the costs of these upgrades many times over with your supercharged energy bill savings afterward.


Paint exterior

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of exterior paint to give your house a facelift. Whether it’s making the original shade pop again or doing a complete colour makeover, the summer heat helps you do the job much quicker. For a smooth and long-lasting finish, make sure you thoroughly clean and prime the surface first before applying the paint. It can be a daunting task to take on yourself though so don’t be shy to call for professional painting services.


Re-pave asphalt driveway

Again, this is about taking advantage of the hot summer sun. Asphalt usually needs to have a temperature of at least 135°C for it to stay soft enough to be laid down. It cools off very quickly though so the hotter the weather is, the more time the crew has to spread it around evenly and create a level surface. An uneven driveway will really grate on your nerves after the fiftieth or so bumpy parking.


Done all these and looking for more? Fear not, home improvement fan! Read on for five more summer house projects later on this week.

Room Additions Above Your Garage – Pros And Cons

Adding a room above a garage can solve many problems for the homeowner who feels the need to expand.  Using space above an existing garage will afford a bonus room without expanding the house’s overall footprint.  Using the garage roof as the foundation for the extra room’s floor will cut down on costs associated with creating a new room from scratch.  That said, there are some things to consider when adding onto a pre-existing garage.

Heating, Insulation And Drywalling

An unheated, uninsulated garage will mean any room built above it will be colder than the other rooms in the house.  Fire code regulations mean the garage ceiling will have to be properly insulated and prepared with a fire-rated drywall. It would make good sense to insulate the garage walls at the same time and, if possible, arrange at least partial heating of the garage to allow the room above to remain comfortable.

Room Entrance And Impact On Existing Rooms

Making sure the new room has an appropriate entrance/exit will influence how it’s planned and constructed in the first place.  How the new room affects existing areas must also be taken into account.  Will a new stairwell or hallway need to be installed?  Is there enough space for the doors of the extra room to be used properly?  Considering the overall functioning of the house will be important when planning the layout of the new room

Garage And Extra Room Use

How you use your garage can affect the viability of the extension.  Running vehicles, machinery or solvent use in the garage can emit fumes and noise that could be perceptible in the additional room.  This might not be problem if the new room is used for laundry or storage purposes, but it might make a bedroom an unwelcoming place.  Make sure your garage and additional room usages are compatible.

Structural Considerations

It will be important to make sure that your garage will be able to bear the weight of an addition above it.  Professional inspection of the garage’s foundation, framing and ceiling joists will be necessary before construction begins.  Addition of support beams, bolstering of the foundation or other alterations might be necessary to allow the construction of an extra room.  Weighing the pros and cons of such modifications will be required before going ahead.

Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

What’s the ideal environment to raise your children? That’s the golden question for a lot of parents and you’ve probably asked yourself that countless of times. Some swear by giving kids the freedom to play and make their own discoveries. Others prefer a more structured life at home. There’s really no right answer because everyone’s different. All you can do is listen to find out what your children’s needs are so that you can keep adjusting their environment to nurture them the best you can.
One of the adjustments you can always make is to your home. That’s also a tough balance to maintain. Think about what everyone’s daily habits/responsibilities are in your home and what can be changed to ease them. Ideally, the home improvements help make life easier for your kids as they’re growing up while also staying versatile enough to fit with their young adult lives years later. Here are some ideas:


Prepare for wear and tear

Kids are always going to make a mess. They’ve just started learning how to put one foot in front of the other. And it’s not as if grownups are any better because some of us still end up being klutzes after all these years! You don’t have to freak out every time they start wandering around. Just choose materials throughout the house that are sturdy, easy to clean, and can handle anything kids throw at them.

Let’s start with the floors, which get the most use in the house. Lay down carpet or cork for the kids’ bedrooms and play areas (but not if their play areas are down in the basement). In the kitchen where spills are most likely, go with stone/ceramic tile, vinyl, bamboo or cork. Make sure the flooring you choose have non-slip or textured surfaces. Every room is more suited to specific flooring types so keep that in mind, too. If you want to have rugs, consider using outdoor rugs on the inside. They’re usually made of tougher material that can take a lot of damage without being too noticeable.

Invest in some durable countertops that don’t stain and are low-maintenance. Laminate is always a popular choice because it’s inexpensive and won’t be too heartbreaking to replace further down the road. If you want a more durable and longer-lasting choice though, quartz countertops are the way to go. Yes, they’re expensive, but there’s less chance of having to replace them due to damage.


Family central

Kids grow up so quickly and you want to be there to catch every moment. That’s why it’s best to go with open floor plans that allow your kitchen, living room, and dining room to flow into one another. These are the central areas where most of the family hang out during the day. Opening them all up will give you more opportunities to interact with your kids. Plus, you’ll have better sight lines to keep an eye on them!

If you have space, it’s a great idea to install a kitchen island with a sink, food preparation area, and breakfast bar counter. That way, you can chat with your kids while you’re doing dishes and they’re enjoying their afternoon snack. You can turn the kitchen island into even more of a central activity hub by building in a family schedule bulletin/white board at one end, hidden out of sight with a cabinet door.

In the dining room, try using slipcovers to protect the chairs from mess. You can get different sets of slipcovers and switch them out for cleaning or special occasions.


From accessibility to DIY

It’s only a matter of time until your kids naturally get curious about what’s inside all the drawers and cabinets in the magical land of the kitchen. Encourage their curiosity without any worries by stocking the lower drawers with contents you’re okay with them handling. This can include dishes, too! It may seem like a bad idea at first, but if dishes are stored in lower pull-out drawers, they’ll have an easier time reaching them. It’s especially useful if you put the dish drawer(s) right next to the dishwasher so you can encourage them to start doing things themselves while helping you put dishes away.

Continuing on the DIY encouragement path, place snacks and food that your kids are allowed to eat in the lower pantry shelves. Anything you don’t want them to touch can go on the higher shelves. Do the same with your refrigerator. If you have a large refrigerator with many drawers, designate specific drawers to hold fresh food for each of your children’s tastes. By making healthy snack ingredients accessible for your kids, you set them on a good path to start learning how to take care of themselves. It’ll make your life easier, too, while you’re at it.


Clear the traffic jam

Getting your kids ready for school while getting yourself ready for work is always a struggle. Over the years, you’ve probably refined an efficient routine to get the morning chaos under control. To streamline everything even more, clear up the waiting times for everyone’s turn at the bathroom. Either add a second bathroom or install a double-sink vanity in the current bathroom if possible. Also, put in a storage closet/cabinet to better organise everyone’s toiletries and reduce the frantic hunts for something someone else misplaced.


Above all, try to remember what it felt like when you were growing up. It’ll help you see the world through your children’s eyes. And remind you how awesome kids are.

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