Make Your Basement the Ideal Hangout

Make Your Basement the Ideal Hangout


When it comes time to renovate your home, it’s a great opportunity to breathe life into previously unused spaces. An example of one such space is the basement. So many people have basements that are unfinished or are used as a storage space. Oftentimes, the latter happens because the basement wasn’t outfitted with any useful features when it was finished. No matter what the situation, when you’re ready to renovate your basement, here are some ways Premier Group Contractors can make it the ideal hangout.

Make It Spacious

The first thing you want to consider when renovating a basement to accommodate socializing is the space. Ensuring your finished basement has enough space for company is important. Because, once the basement has been renovated, you’ll need to be able to fit in seating, entertainment, and plenty of room for moving around.

Planning on making your basement into a home theater? You’ll need lots of floor space for a sectional, multiple couches, or many recliners. Don’t forget about the space you’ll need for end tables or coffee tables. If you want the ideal home theater experience, include a kitchenette in the design and outfit it with dimmable lighting. This makes getting popcorn or a drink easy – without disrupting the movie or ruining the mood.

Not keen on a theater? Consider the space you’ll need for other types of entertainment then. A pool table required lots of room around it for cue sticks and movement. Prepare adequate shelving around the TV if you want a lot of gaming consoles and games displayed. For this reason, among others, you should also carefully consider where you put power outlets.

Prepare for Guests

You should also take guest accommodation into account. If you plan on making your basement the ideal hangout, you need a bathroom on the same floor. If you ever have overnight guests, you’ll definitely want to make it a full bathroom. Plus, don’t make your guests sleep on the couch. If you have the space to spare, include a guest room in the renovation plans. Having a room for family or friends to sleep over comfortably is a wonderful asset.

Not to mention, making the basement able to accommodate guests with a guest bedroom and full bath is a huge price point if you decide to sell. That’s not only because people like to have guest space, but because a basement that can accommodate someone can be turned into a suite. Basement suites can be use for subletting, family, or live-in nannies.

Additional Facilities

A completely functional basement hangout isn’t complete without a kitchenette. Sure, you could go upstairs every time you want a drink or snack, but why would you want to? Having a kitchenette in the basement makes throwing a party a lot easier. Include a bar and you can really make your nights memorable.

Plus, adding a kitchenette and a bar doesn’t just make your parties more fun. A kitchenette makes your basement guest space even more well-rounded. A kitchenette more than pays for itself in the price boost your house gets. People love having self-sufficient basement spaces. With the addition of a basement exit, your basement could function as its own apartment, allowing you to sublet without sharing an entrance.

If you have any questions about how Premier Group Contractors can help make your basement the ideal hangout, give us a call. We’re happy to help and can even give you an estimate on how much the whole project would cost.

Hire Premier for Professional Drywall Installation

Hire Premier for Professional Drywall Installation


Drywall installation is a necessary process for a lot of different projects. From the building of new houses to the remodeling of old ones, new drywall is required. Getting drywall installed the right way isn’t something every contractor knows how to do. That’s why you should hire one of Premier Group Contractors’ drywall installation professionals to do the job right.

Potential Mistakes

Drywall is such an integral part of every building that you don’t want to risk sloppy installation. Once drywall is installed, it’s going to become the summation of the room it’s in. After all, there’s no room with no walls. Messy drywall installation can make a room go from elegant to trashy without the right experience.

A common mistake with drywall is not aligning it well. Being able to see the seams in the drywall even after it’s been painted is a huge eyesore. With remodels, this can make things look even worse than what you upgraded from. With new houses, it can drop the value of the house down below the projected price. That, or it will sit unsold for much longer than you thought it would. That’s because no one looking to invest in a new home is going to settle for one with unattractive walls.

Health Risks

Something you may not know about drywall installation is that there are a number of health risks. This is true for a number of different parts of construction. Professionals have access to expensive safety equipment, including respirators, that allow them to do this work safely. If you don’t have a collection of safety equipment at your disposal, you shouldn’t risk drywall installation.

Drywall, like the name suggests, is a very dry material. It constantly creates a fine dust that, when inhaled, can agitate and even damage the lungs. This becomes especially dangerous when cutting drywall. Cutting through drywall creates a lot of this dust and, without a respirator, is nearly impossible not to inhale. The dust is made up of chemicals that are incredibly bad for your lungs. Prolonged exposure to this kind of dust can lead to asthma or even COPD.

Hiring Premier

The safe solution, for all drywall installation projects near Toronto, is to hire Premier Group Contractors. Our team of experienced professionals know all of the safety risks and are equipped to handle them. Everyone on our team is highly qualified and has been doing great work for years. Drywall installation is easy to do the right way when you’ve been doing it professionally for so long. That’s why if you have a project planned that’s going to include drywall installation, you can count on us fully.

If you’d like to inquire after help with drywall installation, give us a call. Premier Group offers a number of different contracting team members. If you’re still looking to fill other places in your project team, take a look at the other services we have to offer.

Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation

Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation


Living in a home with inadequate lighting is depressing. For some buildings, just opening the blinds can do the trick. However, not every building has large windows, unobstructed sunlight, or a layout conducive to light traveling. This is when electric lights are invaluable. Virtually every home has lighting, but what happens when your lights break or you don’t have enough? You call Premier Group Contractors, your neighborhood experts in lighting installation.

Replacing Broken Lights

When a light stops working, it can be for a number of reasons. If the bulb is new and works in other places, it’s something you need a professional for. More often than not, if replacing the bulb didn’t work, there’s something faulty with the wiring. It could be that the lights are old and the wires haven’t aged well, or it could be bad lighting installation. In either case, they’ll need to be replaced.

Replacing lights in the home is not something that should be done DIY. Because it involves electricity and wiring, it should be left to professionals. Even if you know how to turn the electricity off and unscrew the fixture, there’s more to it than that. Installing new lights can lead to all kinds of hazards if not done properly. Premier Group has a number of experienced contracted electricians who can have your lights replaced and working in no time. With the years of experience they have with these exact kinds of projects, you can be certain the replacement will go without a hitch.

Additional Lighting

Adding new lights is a little bit more. This involves adding new fixtures to areas that didn’t previously have them. That means additional wiring. The process can involve opening up walls, cutting holes in the wall or ceiling, and turning the electricity on and off over and over again to test functionality.

When all of that’s done, the home will have to be cleaned up of all evidence of the project. If there were holes made in the walls or ceiling, they’ll have to be covered again with drywall, sealed, textured, and painted. Switch covers will be placed back where they belong, the dust and debris will be cleaned up, and you’ll be left with a brighter home and no evidence of a mess. That’s just how the process goes with seasoned professionals. There’s no room for cutting corners in construction or electrical work.

Safety and Legal Standards

The reasons to have lighting installation done by a professional are numerous. They’re not limited to the simpler aspects of electrical work. There’s a lot more to it than that. Premier Group Contractors operate with their priority on safety and legality. While the finished appearance will also go above and beyond your expectations, our main concern is ensuring home occupants don’t run into safety troubles. Wiring a new fixture can be incredibly tricky and there are a number of complicated legal requirements for how it’s done. It’s our specialty to know exactly what those are and how to work within them.

If you have questions or are interested in consulting with us about electrical work in your home, contact us! We’re eagerly awaiting your call and look forward to serving you.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with Our Design Consultation

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with Our Design Consultation


For so many of us, we’ve had an idea of our dream house from the time we were young. As we get older and become independent, those dreams begin to grow into something more tangible. If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re ready to take the leap to buy a house, don’t settle. Instead, reach for the dream house you’ve always wanted. Premier Group Contractors has a design consultation team that can bring your dreams to life.

Starting from Something

Our design consultation team is here to review existing ideas and help make them more concrete. This means starting from something rather than nothing. If you have a pretty specific idea of the layout you’re looking for and you don’t want to compromise that, it would be best to find a house first that functions as a good starting point. That’s because having an existing structure with a similar shape to part of your end design will save time and money.

Next, you need to get down your design expectations on paper. Even if you’re not knowledgeable about drawing home designs, you can doodle something helpful. Sketching out the general locations you want your rooms, doors, and windows to be is a great help. It gives us an idea of what you’re looking for and functions as a jumping off point.

Design Consultation

When we can see what you’re looking to do with the house design, we can make it professional. A sketch can be turned into a functional design plan. That plan can be put into action by renovators.

While helping you to make your design official, we’ll let you know what won’t be possible or what might have better alternatives. Sometimes a small change in design can save you considerable amounts of money. Because of that, we’ll be sure to let you know if there are any adjustments you could benefit from. We’re here to give you the best design for your money – something that’s easy to bring to life.


When we’re done finalizing the design itself, there’s more still to be done. To make the process of renovation easier on you and your renovators, we offer to help plan. We’ll start with a progress chart.

Creating a progress chart means making a step by step list of things that need to be done. That’s because having all of the renovation steps listed out in order will make renovating easy. Without the headache of having to plan the process themselves, renovators can focus on putting plans into action.

Not only will we create a progress chart, we can also make a materials list. This makes preparing for the project a breeze. With everything you need to complete the project written down in a comprehensive list, you won’t need to make trip after trip to the store, picking up things you missed.

Premier Group Contractors is here to see you succeed. Contact us today if you want to see the house of your dreams be brought to life.

What’s a Typical Day Like for a General Contracting Company?




You already know why you want to hire a general contractor. But what’s it like from the general contractor’s point of view? Here’s an insider view on what a work day is like for them:


Double-check permits are secured

This would’ve been taken care of long before work begins at the job site, but it’s better to be on the safe side and double-check anyway. After all, no work can be done without the proper permits in hand.


Discuss any last-minute changes with homeowner

Ideally, the renovation plans are final by this point. However, changes can happen and this is where the general contractor can discuss with the homeowner on how the new changes will impact the rest of the renovation project.


Inspect job site for safety hazards

If the project can proceed on schedule that day, the general contractor will do a safety check around the job site. This ranges from keeping all work paths clear of obstacles to designating a first aid station or person.


Post project schedule for everyone to refer to

It’s a quick but crucial task that keeps everyone on the same page about what needs to be done in the long run. The posted project schedule would be kept up-to-date with any new changes.


Confirm materials are sufficient and stored safely

Just like the permits, this would’ve been done before the start of the renovation work. It’s important to not only make sure there’s enough material ordered for the whole project, but also that they are stored in a safe location.


Set up renovation waste disposal system

It’s amazing how much waste is generated during renovation! A proper disposal system helps maintain an organized job site and clean-up afterwards.


Review work plans for the day with sub-trades

Although everyone can see the posted project schedule, checking in with them individually puts the work that needs to be done that day into sharp focus.


Oversee renovation work and find solutions to issues that come up

With the day’s work ahead of them, the general contractor and sub-trades will collaborate to stay on task throughout the day.


Ensure job site is tidy at the end of the day

After a hard day’s work, it’s time to clean up the job site. This is all to make sure debris are cleared off while tools and materials are locked up or removed off-site.


Summarize renovation progress to homeowner and notify of any changes to project scope

Before calling it a day, the general contractor may also have a quick chat with the homeowner about how the project is going and whether any issues that came up will alter the project scope.


Now you know – that’s how general contractors do what they do!

Don’t Fall Into These 6 House Remodeling Traps!




While the opportunity to remodel your home is definitely exciting, it pays to look before you jump. That’s because there are some expensive traps you don’t want to get caught in:


Stretching your budget to the limit

The future is unpredictable and the only way you can factor in what can go wrong is by setting aside a cushion to help you weather the storm. So when you come up with your budget, it’s vital that you leave room for a contingency fund.


Skipping detailed quotes from contractors

When it comes to big-ticket items like remodeling your home, there’s no such thing as too much information. You need as much information as you can get to make informed decisions that will net you the renovation results you want. So don’t be afraid to ask contractors to break down their quotes line by line.


Paving over existing architectural details

Remodeling a house doesn’t mean demolishing everything old to make way for the new. Take a step back to look at the existing architectural details of your home and point out the ones you find attractive. This approach helps you preserve some of the original charm of the house and its architectural style as you complement them with your personal touch.


Overlooking your day-to-day lifestyle

Whether it’s the appliances or construction materials you choose, make sure every decision is made with your day-to-day lifestyle in mind. Will this choice fit with how you like to live each day? If it does affect your daily habits, will it be a positive change?


Sticking with the same layout

Dare to be creative! Renovation is so much more than just updating everything – you can completely transform the layout if you want! If something about the old layout bugged you all the time, just design the problems away. Many of the most impressive interior design layouts are often conceptualized through this problem-solving method.


Prioritizing style over function

Appearance isn’t everything and that’s especially crucial to remember during remodeling projects. Placing a greater emphasis on function means you’ll get a design that’s actually practical. When you’ve gotten the practicalities in order, you can then move on to making them beautiful.


Once you’ve taken the time to find a way around these traps, you’re well on your way to a successful house remodeling!

5 Bright Ideas to Bring More Light to Your Home




Being in a dark room can weigh down on you after a while. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can brighten a room. Some of these ideas are similar to those of making a small space feel bigger. That makes sense because a brighter room eliminates shadows that encroach on the perceived size of a room.


Let’s take a look at these five bright ideas:


Natural light

The first step is to make sure you’re getting as much natural light as possible in the room. Expand existing windows or add in new large ones, especially on the south-facing side. If you cover them with window treatments, make sure they’re made with translucent fabrics. Don’t forget that you can also install skylights or solar tubes to maximize incoming daylight.

Most importantly, always clear away obstacles that will hinder sunlight from passing through the windows. That includes regularly cleaning the windows as well as trimming any trees that throw shade on the windows of a room you want more light in.


Light colours

Make sure you keep everything light-coloured when you finish and paint the room. The room will instantly brighten up if it has white ceilings and pale flooring. If you really want darker shades of a certain colour, do your best to relegate them to small areas like accents and trims.


Diffused lights

Always try to diffuse the lighting around the room. Put in multiple sources of lighting, whether it’s with lamps or wall sconces. It also helps when the light bulbs don’t emit harsh, white lights. Focus on getting bulbs with soft and warm lighting that’s diffused upwards by lamp shades.


Reflected light

Mounting a few mirrors throughout the room will bounce the light around and magnify the room’s brightness level. Take care though when you select the frames for wall-mounted mirrors that they’re not too dark in colour. For an additional reflected light effect, get fixtures and accessories with metallic finishes.


Minimalistic décor

Keep only the furniture and decorations that serve a useful or specific design function for the room. Move anything else that doesn’t fit that criteria to a different room where darkness isn’t an issue.

The colours of the chosen items should also be light – you can probably start recognizing a trend here! That goes for everything from furniture frames and upholstery to the artwork and knickknacks. To display the knickknacks, put up wall-mounted open shelving. They’re minimalistic and eliminate the need for an extra cabinet.


So you see, a perpetually dark room doesn’t have to be a lost cause!

The Best Spring Renovation Projects for Your Home




Just when it seems like winter will never end, it’s finally looking a bit like spring out there! With a change in season comes the task of deciding what renovation projects to tackle next for your home.


Here are the ones that make the best use of the weather warming up:


Backyard deck or patio

Although you technically can always wait till the start of summer to do this, the benefit of finishing it early in spring is that you’ll get a lot more use out of it when BBQ season rolls around. In any case, the ground is usually easy enough to dig into once the spring thaw starts happening.



Landscaping work goes on into the summer as well, but it begins right at spring. Again, the soil is soft enough by this time to work with. Preparations for spring landscaping means first cleaning up the yard from debris that had been buried in the snow all winter. Next, move on to planning out how you want the landscaping to look for the rest of the year. If a garden is part of the design, then you also have to start planting seeds.


Repair winter damages

The winter season can wreak havoc on your house if you don’t keep an eye on things. Most winter damage occurs from the expansion of ice crystals where water tends to accumulate. So as soon as spring arrives, re-seal all the doors and windows to fill in any air leaks. That will also help your air conditioners work efficiently in the summer.

On the outside, make sure the gutters are clean and that there aren’t any junk blocking the drainage path. On the inside, get a professional to check on the plumbing and fix damages.


Renovate bathroom

If the plumbing needs to be repaired anyway, it’s a bonus reason for bathroom renovations. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to put in bathroom features that will boost your home value. Doing your bathroom renovations in spring will also prepare your bathroom for heavier use during the hot summer season.


Refinish hardwood floors

Now that winter is on its way out, you won’t have to deal with dirty slush tracking all over the floors. By taking advantage of this time to refinish your hardwood floors, they will actually stand a better chance of looking nicer longer.


Let’s roll up our sleeves and prepare for the arrival of May flowers soon!

7 Tricks to Visually Enlarge Your Living Space




No matter how much thought you put into your home renovation to create more space, there’s not much you can do if you’re constrained by a small house on a small lot.


But even though you may not be able to squeeze more space out of it, there are still some illusion tricks you can use to visually enlarge your living space:


Maximize storage space

If you already have a small house in the first place, then it’s all the more crucial to make every inch count. You’d be surprised at how a little creative remodel can pack a kitchen to the brim and turn a basement into storage haven.


Let in natural light

The more natural light you let in, the more open the room will feel.  Go for large windows and even put in a skylight or solar tube if you have to. Whatever you do, try to leave the windows uncovered or at least use solar shades or sheer curtains as the window treatments.


Bring attention to the ceiling

You can make the room seem taller by guiding people’s sightlines to the ceiling. Use vertical patterns on the wall like vertical shiplap or wainscoting. Another good trick is installing a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or, even simpler, mounting hanging shelves near the ceiling.


Neutral or light colour scheme

You’ll want to stay away from dark colour schemes as those are used for a more enclosed and intimate feel. Stick with neutral or light colour shades and the room will open up to a comfortable brightness for everyone.


Light it up with lamps or sconces

Ceiling lights will create the illusion of a lower ceiling, which further cramps the room. Instead, use sconce lights as ambience lighting while floor or table lamps can serve as the room’s functional lighting.


Get the right furniture

When choosing furniture for a small living space, opt for those that are multi-functional. This will save on space big time. Try to find furniture pieces with exposed raised legs as the visible space underneath them reinforces the open feeling of the room. Also, make sure the upholstery is done in light, solid colours. If you really want some patterns, go with those that are minimal and less busy.


Put up mirrors

This is a classic space-enlarging trick. It all depends on where you place them. Ideally, you’ll want them across from a window to bounce natural light around the room. They’re also great behind large furniture pieces to make them less imposing in the room.


Besides taking full advantage of these tricks, remember to keep a regular de-cluttering schedule! That in itself will go a long way in making your living space seem larger.

Here’s Your House Key to Energy Efficiency Success




With every renovation project that you take up, take small steps to strive for net-zero energy housing standards. By always thinking about how you can make your house more energy-efficient, both the environment and your utility-bill savings will thank you.


Here’s how you can get started:


Heating and cooling efficiency

It’s crucial to first make sure that you stop all current and potential air leaks in your house. That means reinforcing or replacing weather strips around your windows and doors. It also means going further by covering air leaks around electrical sockets, pipe cut-outs, dryer vents, and even pot lights that stick out into the attic.

Next, you’ll want to find the best insulation options for your house and shore them up. You should also think about changing your furnace to an energy-efficient one. For greater efficiency, make sure that your HVAC system is connected to smart thermostats that you can program around your work schedule.

Don’t forget about radiant floor heating either! Often times, it’s your feet that feel the coldest so warming them up may be all that’s needed. Radiant floor heating does that with less energy use than turning up the thermostat.


Water conservation

Rather than going with a standard toilet, a low-flow or dual-flush toilet is one of the biggest water conversation investments you can make in the house. Continue the same theme with the installation of low-flow showerheads and aerators on all faucets. By watching water consumption in your house, you’ll also do your part in conserving the decreasing global fresh water supply.


Electricity savings

This last part addresses your day-to-day electricity use. With electricity being such an essential part of modern life, it pays to find ways to use it more efficiently. A major upgrade you can consider is adding renewable energy sources like solar panels to your home. They’ll help offset your electricity bills since you won’t have to draw as much from the city’s electrical grid. And if you end up producing more electricity than you use, you may even be able to sell the excess back to your electric company.

Modern life also comes with an ever-increasing number of electronic devices in the household. Even when they’re not in use though, they still draw standby power. Prevent this by plugging them into smart power bars. Another significant way you can save on electricity is to switch to LED lighting throughout your house.


Finally, before implementing any energy-efficient initiative, see if it’s eligible for Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)!

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