Bring Your Old Basement to Life with a Basement Renovation
Bring Your Old Basement to Life with a Renovation

A great many homes have a basement in them and it’s not at all uncommon for those basements to get neglected. After all, most people need some storage space or a common area and the basement, if it’s finished at all, is usually it. When all is said and done, your basement may need a little bit of a facelift. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you bring your basement back to life with a basement renovation.

Years of Use

After a number of years using your basement as a den or storage space, it can get a little worn out. Flooring may get worn down or dirty, paint will naturally start to chip, and your basement may not have been much to begin with.

Years of Disuse

There’s also the very real possibility that your basement is nothing more than a raw cement floor and a whole lot of cobwebs. Unfinished basements are one of the most unfortunate wastes of space in a home. There’s so much lost potential in an unfinished basement. Not to mention, because they haven’t been given the attention they deserve, they often lead to mold or pest problems.

Renovation Benefits

Hiring a competent team of contractors to renovate your basement comes with a lot of great benefits. Here are just a few:

  • There’s a boost in your home’s resale value. Having a basement that’s actually functional can add a hefty sum to your home’s resale value. No one likes an unfinished basement. The space is completely useless and a huge eyesore. Making sure there’s something worthwhile downstairs can be a selling point.
  • There’s more room. This seems like a given, but you should take into consideration the number of things you can do with an entire floor of additional space. Basement renovations don’t just cover visual changes; you can have additional walls put up if desired. That means potential bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage space.
  • There’s new potential to sublet. Basement renovations, being able to add additional bedrooms and bathrooms, means potential basement suites. With that, you can rent out individual bedrooms or turn the entire basement into something like an apartment. After all, a functional kitchen, bathroom, and living space are all you need to get a tenant for the downstairs. You can even separate the upstairs with an exterior-type, locked door if there’s a separate entrance for the basement.

Hire Premier

Premier Group is the best company in Toronto for basement renovations. That’s because we have an entire team of contractors who specialize in all aspects of renovation. That means we cover everything from electrical to plumbing and so much more.

If you’re planning a basement renovation in the Toronto area, contact us at Premier Group Contractors. We look forward to hearing from you and are more than happy to answer your questions.

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