Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation
Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation

Living in a home with inadequate lighting is depressing. For some buildings, just opening the blinds can do the trick. However, not every building has large windows, unobstructed sunlight, or a layout conducive to light traveling. This is when electric lights are invaluable. Virtually every home has lighting, but what happens when your lights break or you don’t have enough? You call Premier Group Contractors, your neighborhood experts in lighting installation.

Replacing Broken Lights

When a light stops working, it can be for a number of reasons. If the bulb is new and works in other places, it’s something you need a professional for. More often than not, if replacing the bulb didn’t work, there’s something faulty with the wiring. It could be that the lights are old and the wires haven’t aged well, or it could be bad lighting installation. In either case, they’ll need to be replaced.

Replacing lights in the home is not something that should be done DIY. Because it involves electricity and wiring, it should be left to professionals. Even if you know how to turn the electricity off and unscrew the fixture, there’s more to it than that. Installing new lights can lead to all kinds of hazards if not done properly. Premier Group has a number of experienced contracted electricians who can have your lights replaced and working in no time. With the years of experience they have with these exact kinds of projects, you can be certain the replacement will go without a hitch.

Additional Lighting

Adding new lights is a little bit more. This involves adding new fixtures to areas that didn’t previously have them. That means additional wiring. The process can involve opening up walls, cutting holes in the wall or ceiling, and turning the electricity on and off over and over again to test functionality.

When all of that’s done, the home will have to be cleaned up of all evidence of the project. If there were holes made in the walls or ceiling, they’ll have to be covered again with drywall, sealed, textured, and painted. Switch covers will be placed back where they belong, the dust and debris will be cleaned up, and you’ll be left with a brighter home and no evidence of a mess. That’s just how the process goes with seasoned professionals. There’s no room for cutting corners in construction or electrical work.

Safety and Legal Standards

The reasons to have lighting installation done by a professional are numerous. They’re not limited to the simpler aspects of electrical work. There’s a lot more to it than that. Premier Group Contractors operate with their priority on safety and legality. While the finished appearance will also go above and beyond your expectations, our main concern is ensuring home occupants don’t run into safety troubles. Wiring a new fixture can be incredibly tricky and there are a number of complicated legal requirements for how it’s done. It’s our specialty to know exactly what those are and how to work within them.

If you have questions or are interested in consulting with us about electrical work in your home, contact us! We’re eagerly awaiting your call and look forward to serving you.

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