Tile Patterns That Might Suit Your Home Interior

Time to upgrade part of your home with some tilework? Whether you’re redoing stone tile or hardwood flooring, redoing a backsplash, or lining a new standup shower, Premier Group Contractors has your back. We want to give you a head start on your project by giving you ideas for tile patterns you might like. Let’s see if we can find the perfect pattern for your home and give you the vocabulary you need to ask for it during consultation.

Linear Tiling

One of the most common styles in tile placement is linear tiling. This is what you call the pattern of squares sitting side by side. It’s used for checkerboard kitchen floors, backsplashes, shower walls and more.

Linear tiling can be somewhat bland in appearance, but it does make a great backdrop if you plan to grab attention with some other interior element. You can also spice of linear tiling by using different tile colors. Try using three palette-adjacent colors and it will give your bathroom floor a little more dimension without complicated tilework.

Brick Bond Tiling

If you want something simple but with a little more character, brick bond tiling might be the thing for you. This is exactly what you think it is. You know how brick buildings implement overlapping rectangles? This is that, but with tile. Brick bond tiling is great for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls.

Hexagon tiling

Want something a little rounder in appearance? Hexagon tiling is a tile pattern that’s full of character. Six-sided tiles fit together perfectly to create a very regular, but lively pattern. This tile pattern also allows a lot of creativity.

Hexagon tiling is great for backsplashes and bathroom floors. One of the best parts about this pattern is that you can use varied colors to personalize it. Try moving from darker to lighter colors the higher up on the wall you move. Because of their hexagonal shape, you can do this without creating a solid line of color across your wall like you would with square or rectangular tiles.

Herringbone Tiles

If you want a tile pattern that’s slightly more interesting and relies on more than just setting things side-by-side, herringbone tiles might be a good choice. Herringbone tiles rely on diagonal positioning, resting on each other to create peaks of varied height. This pattern is most commonly used with brick on sidewalks or patios or with wooden planks inside the home. You can even implement this pattern on the wall, using tiles. Want a backsplash that your guests won’t soon forget? Herringbone tiling is noticeable and memorable.

Modular Tiling

Last, and possibly the most unique, is modular tiling. Modular tiling is what you call it when you create a pattern that is much more complicated than most tile patterns. This pattern type looks more irregular and involves many tiles of different shapes and sizes. You’ve certainly seen this style before, and you probably thought it looked great. It does tend to! It’s hard to go wrong with modular tiling. The most common mistake is using it in a space that really doesn’t need something complicated. It does look fairly fancy, so it’s best used for stone tile on kitchen floors or on large bathroom floors

Why You Should Add a Sunroom or Deck to Your Home

There are a lot of reasons why people renovate their homes. Often, it boosts resale value. Other times, things are outdated and need to be updated. One reason that is often overlooked, yet just as important as the others, is for the joy of making your home into a haven for you and your family. That’s why Premier Group Contractors feels you should consider adding a sunroom or deck to your home. Here’s why:

Relaxation Refuge

People often underestimate the importance of relaxation to our general health. There are a lot of negative effects of stress. Stress can cause aches and pains, colds, and even susceptibility in your immune system. Because stress is such a big deal, people should start taking their relaxation more seriously.

The addition of a sunroom or deck would allow you somewhere in your home where you can take refuge from the day’s stress. Kick back on the deck and enjoy the sunshine on your face while you enjoy a cold drink. Cozy up in the sunroom with some hot tea and a good book and let the stressful thoughts of the day slip away from you.

Patio Renovation

The cool thing about a sunroom renovation is that it’s really easy to do if you have an existing covered (or open) patio. Adding some walls and windows, putting down some flooring, and doing some cleanup of the old exterior is all you need. This renovation is cost effective and makes a patio – somewhere that’s often neglected – into a useful part of the home. Plus, a job like this is easy as pie for a team as varied and accomplished as the one at Premier Group. Therefore, give us a call if you decide this is a good choice for your home.

Indoor Greenhouse

What you might not have considered is how fantastic a sunroom is as a makeshift greenhouse. If you have a soft spot for plants, a sunroom might be just what you need for your leafy friends.

A sunroom is usually filled with large, sprawling windows. They’re perfect for letting in all the light your plants love and need. Line windowsills and shelves with plants to your heart’s desire. You can even set up humidifiers or open windows as needed.

Additionally, an indoor greenhouse is that its only accessible to pets if you want. If you own cats who like to lounge in the sun and mean your plants no harm, let them enjoy the little bit of outside you’ve brought inside. However, if your little beasts are more prone to chomping down on your garden, keep the sunroom door closed.

Backyard Barbecue

The cool thing about choosing a deck, on the other hand, is that it’s great for social gatherings. Want to have a barbecue or hang out with family? A deck is a great place for that. Setting up some patio furniture on your deck can make the long, summer days a little more enjoyable. Watch your children play in the yard while you enjoy the sun from the deck. It doesn’t get better than this.

Give us a call at Premier Group Contractors if you want to renovate your home to accommodate relaxation. The job will be a success with us at the helm.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Interior

Is it about time to put a new coat of paint on the walls? You might be deliberating about what the best color for your home is. Premier Group Contractors has a lot of experience with painting people’s walls. Therefore, we want to give a little advice to those of you who are struggling to pick a color. After all, we’ve all been there!

Consider Favorites

To start off, what are your favorite colors? Some people forego consideration of their favorite colors because they think they’ll be too bright or stand out too much. The truth is, there’s a good way to use almost any color for painting. Even if you like particularly bright colors, there’s a way you can incorporate that into your walls if you’d like to.

If you’re not really sure what your favorite colors are, or like too many to pick, narrowing them down is easier than it seems. Try thinking of things that make you happy. Do plants make you particularly joyful? Maybe you like spicy food? No matter what kind of thing you think of first, there’s a way to turn that into paint.

Plants could lead to a shade of earthy green or brown. You could even pick the color of your favorite flowers. Spicy food could mean a dark red or burnt orange. No matter what your favorite things are, you can pull a color from it. Then, whenever you see that color, you’ll remember the things it’s associated with. People tend to underestimate how powerful color association is. Take advantage of that!

How to Avoid ‘Too Bright’

If you like a particularly saturated color – in laymen’s terms, one considered very bright – here’s how to use it without overdoing it. There are multiple ways you can do this.

  • Create a focus wall. A focus wall is one or, sometimes, two walls that you paint with a bright color. The other walls in the room are painted with a more neutral paint color that pairs well with the focus wall. For instance, if you want to use red paint, but don’t want to overwhelm the room with red, you can paint one wall red while painting the rest a nice cream color. If you want it a little darker, consider a light brown instead of cream.
  • Use a less saturated base color and use your preferred color as an accent. Using the colors from the last example, that could mean painting all the walls with cream and then using shaped sponges to create red stamps on the walls. 
  • If sponging isn’t your preferred design choice, you could also use taping. At, perhaps, a foot from the top of the wall, create a line of tape all the way around the room. If it’s important to you that it’s level, use a bubble level to ensure the tape is places correctly. Then, paint the section between the top of the wall and the tape. When the paint is completely dry, pull the tape off and you’ll have a neat line at the edge of your painted section. You can repeat this as far down the wall as you please, perhaps creating narrower and narrower strips. This will add that touch of red you’re looking for without flooding the room with it.

Hire Professionals

When it comes time to paint, it’s a lot easier said than done. If you don’t feel like committing to a day of long, hard, and thankless work, repainting your living room, or even more time for even more rooms, hire professionals. Because we at Premier Group Contractors work as a team and have years of experience with this kind of work, we make it look easy. Plus, we do a great job! Give us a call if you have a paint job that needs to be done in Toronto. We’re happy to help.

How Lighting Affects Your Health

You may not realize it, but having enough lighting is actually really important for your health. Premier Group Contractors has a team of lighting specialists who want you to know why good lighting is so critical for your wellbeing. So, without further ado, let’s discuss how lighting affects your health!

Circadian Rhythm

Do you know what your circadian rhythm is? It sounds kind of like a type of music, but it’s actually what your internal clock is called. Your circadian rhythm takes in information about your environment and uses it to set a clock inside your brain. This is why some people can wake up at the same time each morning regardless of when they went to bed. It’s also why, if you have a good circadian rhythm, you’ll begin to get sleepy when it’s dark.

The lighting in your environment can have a profoundly large effect on your circadian rhythm. If you sit in the dark constantly, you’ll find you have a harder time falling asleep and waking up. That’s because your internal clock has no idea what time it is. That makes it hard to fall asleep or wake up unless you’re really tired or have slept a long time. This affect that lights have on circadian rhythm has actually been studied at length by seeing what happens when people spend extended periods of time in environments where the light is always on or always off. Isn’t it amazing how lighting affects your health in so many ways?

Keeping the Lights Off

The reason the circadian rhythm is important is because, more and more, and especially with those in their teen and young adult years, people will sit in the dark all day. The dark can be convenient if you want to watch Netflix or get more ambience when playing video games. However, sitting in the dark all day can severely throw off your circadian rhythm. Your brain doesn’t know what time of day it is. Then, when you try to sleep, your brain doesn’t realize anything has changed about the time or environment and doesn’t know to go into sleep mode.

The reason that’s so bad for you is that, for one thing, sitting in the dark can actually lead to or worsen depression. The other thing is that bad sleep can also lead to or worsen depression as well as negatively affect other aspects of your health.

Keeping the Lights On

While sitting in the dark isn’t good, sleeping in the light is also bad. With many of the same effects on your circadian rhythm as sitting in the dark all day, leaving lights on at night is bound to cause problems. Kids should be weened off night lights as soon as possible and adults should be sure to turn off lights before going to bed.

Using Lights to Your Advantage

The fortunate thing about this effect lights have on our circadian rhythm is that we can use them to our advantage. The more steady our circadian rhythm is, the easier time we have getting to sleep and staying asleep. Ensuring you have adequate lighting in a room, is the first step. If your room is still somewhat dark when the lights are on, you may need to consider new fixtures.

The lighting professionals at Premier Group Contractors are a great place to start asking questions when lighting becomes a concern. Give us a call if you need help with your home lighting and we’ll make things easy for you.

Hire Premier to Replace Outdated Plumbing

A lot of people tend to forget that plumbing isn’t made to last forever. It seems like, as long as no disaster has struck, everything must be running smoothly inside the walls of your home. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Once your plumbing is 30+ years old, you need to replace outdated plumbing. Here’s why.

Remove Risk of Flooding

The longer your plumbing has been around, the more at risk you are for flooding. The reason for that is because, over time, your pipes will begin to rust and will weaken. This can lead to joints breaking or cold weather being the last straw. Your pipes can burst, leading to massive indoor floods, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

When your home floods, it can make it necessary to completely replace wood flooring, rip carpet up and replace it and the subfloor, tear down drywall and gut the walls to replace insulation, among other things. Water can cause such insurmountable damage to a home that it’s always worth the price of caring for your plumbing. Otherwise, you can end up with rotting subfloors or black mold growing in your walls. Replacing old plumbing can ensure your home goes without floods for another 30 years.

Save Money on Water

There’s a lot to be said about old plumbing, but one thing people rarely mention is how much water it wastes. When your plumbing is old and outdated, you can waste money in a number of ways.

  • Every time you have to sit with the water running, waiting for it to heat up because your pipes are badly insulated or your water heater isn’t working right anymore, you’re wasting money. Getting your pipes insulated can save you money without needing to replace the plumbing.
  • When pipe joints weaken, they can get leaks, wasting water and causing damage that will need to be fixed. Repairing the damage caused by old pipes can amount to more than replacement costs.
  • Old plumbing fixtures can use way more water than necessary because of bad design. Replacing old plumbing fixtures, such as sink faucets, or installing plumbing retrofits can reduce your water usage by over 30%.

Protect Your Health

Another thing people often don’t realize about old plumbing is that it can be detrimental to your health. As years go by, we learn more and more about what’s safe for our health. If your plumbing is old, there’s a good chance there are unsafe materials used in their makeup. For instance, did you know a lot of old plumbing has lead in it? If you have old plumbing, you may be consuming trace amounts of lead on a regular basis.

Even if you don’t have lead in your water, you may be ingesting other things that aren’t good for your health. Rusty pipes leave trace amounts of rust in the water that passes through them. You don’t want to be drinking that either.

Replace Outdated Plumbing

If you’re considering having a professional replace outdated plumbing, the question really is whether you’re willing to invest in your future. Taking your health and money into consideration, it’s worth it to have plumbing updated. If you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call at Premier Group Contractors and we’ll discuss the ways we can improve your plumbing situation.

How Remodeling a Kitchen Improves Home Resale Value

If you’re planning to put your house on the market any time in the near future, there are some things you should know about maximizing resale value. First, what does it mean to maximize resale value? Well, simply put, if you make certain upgrades to your home, your overall selling price will be raised by more than the cost of the upgrade. That means you’re making money. Certain home improvements are worth investing in, while others won’t make a significant enough difference to be worth the time and money. Here’s how remodeling a kitchen improves home resale value.

Better Appliances Improve Home Resale Value

The first thing you need to do when considering a kitchen remodel is take a look at your appliances. There are a lot of different kinds of kitchen appliances. Even over the last ten years, trends in kitchen appliances have changed dramatically. The most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to replace appliances is appearance and functionality.

If your stove is functional, has no hiccups during use, but looks like it was made in the 80s, you need to replace it. You can always sell the existing stove or put it in storage and take it with you, if you don’t want to scrap it. However, keeping appliances that age your home can make it difficult to sell.

If your fridge looks fantastic, is sleek and black and modern, but the water dispenser is broken or it makes a worrisome noise, replace it. When people come in to check out the house, they will notice weird noises and they will be scared off by them. Ensuring your appliances look nice, appear to be from this decade, and are in working order is a necessity.

Appeal to Current Styles

The next thing is making sure to appeal to current styles. When you remodel your kitchen, if you plan to move in the coming few years, don’t remodel it to look how you want it to (unless you also like current styles). If you choose something unique and niche, like neon colors or a retro appearance, potential buyers may be turned off by your home entirely. The kitchen is such an important part of a home’s functionality that how it looks can be the determining factor in whether someone makes an offer.

More Efficient Spacing

When you remodel your home, ensuring the remodel delivers more efficient spacing is necessary. This can mean removing unnecessary dividing walls between the dining room and kitchen. It can also mean installing a new set of shelves or replacing old cabinets with more spacious ones. No matter what you choose to do, make sure the kitchen isn’t losing space. It should either remain the same or have more space than it started with.

If you need a group of professionals to help you with remodeling your kitchen, Premier Group Contractors are the ones for the job. Give us a call if you need professional help making your kitchen a focal point in your future home sale.

How Your Storefront Can Make or Break a Sale

If you own a small business, you know it’s important to do everything you can to boost sales. It’s easy for small businesses to get trampled and overtaken by big chain stores. Being a small business means grabbing people’s attention when they’re not really looking for you. One of the things you need to prioritize is your business’ curb appeal. Here’s why your storefront is so instrumental in succeeding as a small business.

Grabbing Attention

If you want to get new customers who don’t know who you are already, you have to do something to grab their attention. In most cases, having an appealing storefront is the perfect way to do that. Advertising elsewhere can be effective. However, it’s not as effective as someone seeing something they like when they’re already right next to it.

Having a nice-looking storefront can be enough to pique someone’s curiosity. Maybe they’re shopping nearby or just driving past your shop. Regardless of how they see your storefront, if it looks good, they’re more likely to come over and check things out.

Storefront Design

Having a nicely designed storefront is half the battle. If you don’t have the right windows, you can’t display things for people to see. Certain door types are more inviting than others. Signage that looks professional and attractive is key to catching someone’s eye.

All of these aspects of design fall to the responsibility of whoever is designing your store. Make sure you choose the right company for the job. When you hire out for construction, you need a crew that knows what’s best for your store’s appearance or will do the research to find out. Additionally, they should prioritize your preferences and ensure that the building they deliver is exactly what you were dreaming of.

The Value of Appearance

The reason all of this is so important is that appearance has value. While business may have hinged more on products and purpose many years ago, things have changed. Because just about any product can be bought in a number of stores, or even online, an individual store has to offer something special. For many people, these days, that thing that they’re looking for is atmosphere.

To set yourself apart from chain stores and run-down shops that no one is keen on entering, aestheticize your business. Get passersby to look at your storefront and think, “hey, this looks like a nice shop. I wonder what they sell.” Once they’ve grown curious enough to enter the shop, your chances of making a sale skyrocket. Not to mention, small businesses with a flair for aesthetics can quickly become a favorite. Putting stock in your shop’s appearance can gain you loyal customers who prefer your store over one that’s overly commercialized and dull.

If you want your store to look its best, you need to hire the best. Premier Group Contractors are the best contracting company in Toronto. Give us a call if you want to know how we can help you succeed.

Make Your Basement the Ideal Hangout

When it comes time to renovate your home, it’s a great opportunity to breathe life into previously unused spaces. An example of one such space is the basement. So many people have basements that are unfinished or are used as a storage space. Oftentimes, the latter happens because the basement wasn’t outfitted with any useful features when it was finished. No matter what the situation, when you’re ready to renovate your basement, here are some ways Premier Group Contractors can make it the ideal hangout.

Make It Spacious

The first thing you want to consider when renovating a basement to accommodate socializing is the space. Ensuring your finished basement has enough space for company is important. Because, once the basement has been renovated, you’ll need to be able to fit in seating, entertainment, and plenty of room for moving around.

Planning on making your basement into a home theater? You’ll need lots of floor space for a sectional, multiple couches, or many recliners. Don’t forget about the space you’ll need for end tables or coffee tables. If you want the ideal home theater experience, include a kitchenette in the design and outfit it with dimmable lighting. This makes getting popcorn or a drink easy – without disrupting the movie or ruining the mood.

Not keen on a theater? Consider the space you’ll need for other types of entertainment then. A pool table required lots of room around it for cue sticks and movement. Prepare adequate shelving around the TV if you want a lot of gaming consoles and games displayed. For this reason, among others, you should also carefully consider where you put power outlets.

Prepare for Guests

You should also take guest accommodation into account. If you plan on making your basement the ideal hangout, you need a bathroom on the same floor. If you ever have overnight guests, you’ll definitely want to make it a full bathroom. Plus, don’t make your guests sleep on the couch. If you have the space to spare, include a guest room in the renovation plans. Having a room for family or friends to sleep over comfortably is a wonderful asset.

Not to mention, making the basement able to accommodate guests with a guest bedroom and full bath is a huge price point if you decide to sell. That’s not only because people like to have guest space, but because a basement that can accommodate someone can be turned into a suite. Basement suites can be use for subletting, family, or live-in nannies.

Additional Facilities

A completely functional basement hangout isn’t complete without a kitchenette. Sure, you could go upstairs every time you want a drink or snack, but why would you want to? Having a kitchenette in the basement makes throwing a party a lot easier. Include a bar and you can really make your nights memorable.

Plus, adding a kitchenette and a bar doesn’t just make your parties more fun. A kitchenette makes your basement guest space even more well-rounded. A kitchenette more than pays for itself in the price boost your house gets. People love having self-sufficient basement spaces. With the addition of a basement exit, your basement could function as its own apartment, allowing you to sublet without sharing an entrance.

If you have any questions about how Premier Group Contractors can help make your basement the ideal hangout, give us a call. We’re happy to help and can even give you an estimate on how much the whole project would cost.

Make Working from Home Easy with a Home Office

Working from home can be quite difficult without the proper space for it. There are so many things that need balancing. Trying to organize papers, files, planners, and portfolios is difficult to do from the dining room table. Instead of trying to succeed from the living room give yourself the space you really need. Get away from the sound of the nearby TV or the clatter of cooking and move your work to your own home office. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you.

The Right Team

If you want a home office build-out, you’re going to need the right team for the job. Premier Group Contractors is a team of skilled professionals in all elements of contracting. That means we’re prepared to do all the work required to build you a home office. Whether that requires electrical work, construction, or otherwise, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of skilled contractors doesn’t just know how to work efficiently, we also work affordably. The price for getting work done in peace is lower than anywhere else when you hire Premier Group. Plus, our team does better work than competitors. From designing to building to cleaning up, we know we offer the best experience.

Keep Organized

When you have a home office, a lot of things suddenly become easier. For one thing, you’ll be able to organize your things. An organized office allows you to find things you need right when you need them. Thats incredibly important when you’re busy at work. The longer it takes you to sift through papers or folders to find what you’re looking for, the less work you get done. It also wastes your time.

When you hire Premier Group, we’ll make sure your office is organization friendly. With places for files, papers, portfolios, books, and office supplies, you’ll work more efficiently than ever.


Lighting is a very underappreciated part of working effectively. People are more affected by the lighting they’re in than they know. For instance, too little light or too much light can make your eyes strain. This can give you a headache, migraine, or even just make your eyes tired. When working in your home office all day, you don’t want any of these.

Premier Group will help you find the right lighting for your work space so that you can work comfortably and efficiently. Just enough light to read and write without overworking your eyes is the ideal we’re looking for. You can even choose a light fixture style that compliments your design tastes.

Desk Space

Last but not least, you deserve a proper desk to work at. No more sitting in the dining room or hunching over the coffee table. With the right desk, you can sit more comfortably, have more space for papers, and save your back from damage due to improper seating.

If you want to upgrade your home with a personalized home office, you know who to call. Contact us at Premier Group Contractors and we’ll help you make working from home easier than ever.

Let Premier Rebuild Your Garage Better than Ever

When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you’ll find that one of the parts of your property that ages the worst is the garage. Old garages tend to collect bugs, nests, and damage like no other part of the house. That’s because people aren’t often in the garage and, when they are, they’re usually getting in the car to leave. When you’ve had enough of your old garage, it’s time to invest in a new one. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you rebuild your garage.


If you’re still attached to the garage you have or you don’t have the budget for a replacement, repair is the way to go. Repairing a garage can mean:

  • Replacing or fixing windows. If your garage has windows that are broken or have cracks in the frame, it’s a great way for bugs or animals to get in. You don’t want that. To avoid unwanted pests in your garage, get windows replaced.
  • Replacing or fixing the garage door. Old garage doors often begin to break down. This can lead to gaps where pests can get in or even allow someone to break in easier.
  • Fixing a leaky roof. Garages frequently fall victim to a leaks because they’re not monitored the way the rest of the house is. Plus, once a leak is noticed, it’s not always seen as an emergency.


It’s time to rebuild your garage if it isn’t worth the money it would cost to repair it. Rebuilding your garage adds a lot more to your quality of life than you realize. With a rebuilt garage:

  • You can finally start that workbench you’ve always wanted. With somewhere to keep your tools that’s easily accessible, projects and DIY home improvement are easier than ever.
  • You can store food in extra garage space without animals getting into it. Cans or bottles of soda, a freezer of stockpiled food, or a shelf full of jarred preserves will all be safe.
  • Bicycles and vehicles are safe from harsh weather. Snow and rain are a surefire way to get rust on any exposed metal. Protect your belongings by keeping them inside your new garage.

Finished Garage

When you rebuild your garage, you can even go for something higher quality than your old one ever was. By having a finished garage built, your garage will be better insulated, more flexible in use, and higher in value. If you plan to sell your house, having a finished garage will raise the going price for sure. That’s because a finished garage is great for keeping vehicles safe, for use as a storage room, and even for conversion into a bedroom. There are so many things you can do with a finished garage.

If you have an old garage that needs a little (or a lot of) help, Premier Group Contractors are ready for the job. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the building process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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