Make Working from Home Easy with a Home Office

Make Working from Home Easy with a Home Office


Working from home can be quite difficult without the proper space for it. There are so many things that need balancing. Trying to organize papers, files, planners, and portfolios is difficult to do from the dining room table. Instead of trying to succeed from the living room give yourself the space you really need. Get away from the sound of the nearby TV or the clatter of cooking and move your work to your own home office. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you.

The Right Team

If you want a home office build-out, you’re going to need the right team for the job. Premier Group Contractors is a team of skilled professionals in all elements of contracting. That means we’re prepared to do all the work required to build you a home office. Whether that requires electrical work, construction, or otherwise, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of skilled contractors doesn’t just know how to work efficiently, we also work affordably. The price for getting work done in peace is lower than anywhere else when you hire Premier Group. Plus, our team does better work than competitors. From designing to building to cleaning up, we know we offer the best experience.

Keep Organized

When you have a home office, a lot of things suddenly become easier. For one thing, you’ll be able to organize your things. An organized office allows you to find things you need right when you need them. Thats incredibly important when you’re busy at work. The longer it takes you to sift through papers or folders to find what you’re looking for, the less work you get done. It also wastes your time.

When you hire Premier Group, we’ll make sure your office is organization friendly. With places for files, papers, portfolios, books, and office supplies, you’ll work more efficiently than ever.


Lighting is a very underappreciated part of working effectively. People are more affected by the lighting they’re in than they know. For instance, too little light or too much light can make your eyes strain. This can give you a headache, migraine, or even just make your eyes tired. When working in your home office all day, you don’t want any of these.

Premier Group will help you find the right lighting for your work space so that you can work comfortably and efficiently. Just enough light to read and write without overworking your eyes is the ideal we’re looking for. You can even choose a light fixture style that compliments your design tastes.

Desk Space

Last but not least, you deserve a proper desk to work at. No more sitting in the dining room or hunching over the coffee table. With the right desk, you can sit more comfortably, have more space for papers, and save your back from damage due to improper seating.

If you want to upgrade your home with a personalized home office, you know who to call. Contact us at Premier Group Contractors and we’ll help you make working from home easier than ever.

Have Your Old Garage Rebuilt Better than Ever

Let Premier Rebuild Your Garage Better than Ever


When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you’ll find that one of the parts of your property that ages the worst is the garage. Old garages tend to collect bugs, nests, and damage like no other part of the house. That’s because people aren’t often in the garage and, when they are, they’re usually getting in the car to leave. When you’ve had enough of your old garage, it’s time to invest in a new one. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you rebuild your garage.


If you’re still attached to the garage you have or you don’t have the budget for a replacement, repair is the way to go. Repairing a garage can mean:

  • Replacing or fixing windows. If your garage has windows that are broken or have cracks in the frame, it’s a great way for bugs or animals to get in. You don’t want that. To avoid unwanted pests in your garage, get windows replaced.
  • Replacing or fixing the garage door. Old garage doors often begin to break down. This can lead to gaps where pests can get in or even allow someone to break in easier.
  • Fixing a leaky roof. Garages frequently fall victim to a leaks because they’re not monitored the way the rest of the house is. Plus, once a leak is noticed, it’s not always seen as an emergency.


It’s time to rebuild your garage if it isn’t worth the money it would cost to repair it. Rebuilding your garage adds a lot more to your quality of life than you realize. With a rebuilt garage:

  • You can finally start that workbench you’ve always wanted. With somewhere to keep your tools that’s easily accessible, projects and DIY home improvement are easier than ever.
  • You can store food in extra garage space without animals getting into it. Cans or bottles of soda, a freezer of stockpiled food, or a shelf full of jarred preserves will all be safe.
  • Bicycles and vehicles are safe from harsh weather. Snow and rain are a surefire way to get rust on any exposed metal. Protect your belongings by keeping them inside your new garage.

Finished Garage

When you rebuild your garage, you can even go for something higher quality than your old one ever was. By having a finished garage built, your garage will be better insulated, more flexible in use, and higher in value. If you plan to sell your house, having a finished garage will raise the going price for sure. That’s because a finished garage is great for keeping vehicles safe, for use as a storage room, and even for conversion into a bedroom. There are so many things you can do with a finished garage.

If you have an old garage that needs a little (or a lot of) help, Premier Group Contractors are ready for the job. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the building process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bring Your Old Basement to Life with a Renovation

Bring Your Old Basement to Life with a Basement Renovation


A great many homes have a basement in them and it’s not at all uncommon for those basements to get neglected. After all, most people need some storage space or a common area and the basement, if it’s finished at all, is usually it. When all is said and done, your basement may need a little bit of a facelift. Here’s how Premier Group Contractors can help you bring your basement back to life with a basement renovation.

Years of Use

After a number of years using your basement as a den or storage space, it can get a little worn out. Flooring may get worn down or dirty, paint will naturally start to chip, and your basement may not have been much to begin with.

Years of Disuse

There’s also the very real possibility that your basement is nothing more than a raw cement floor and a whole lot of cobwebs. Unfinished basements are one of the most unfortunate wastes of space in a home. There’s so much lost potential in an unfinished basement. Not to mention, because they haven’t been given the attention they deserve, they often lead to mold or pest problems.

Renovation Benefits

Hiring a competent team of contractors to renovate your basement comes with a lot of great benefits. Here are just a few:

  • There’s a boost in your home’s resale value. Having a basement that’s actually functional can add a hefty sum to your home’s resale value. No one likes an unfinished basement. The space is completely useless and a huge eyesore. Making sure there’s something worthwhile downstairs can be a selling point.
  • There’s more room. This seems like a given, but you should take into consideration the number of things you can do with an entire floor of additional space. Basement renovations don’t just cover visual changes; you can have additional walls put up if desired. That means potential bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage space.
  • There’s new potential to sublet. Basement renovations, being able to add additional bedrooms and bathrooms, means potential basement suites. With that, you can rent out individual bedrooms or turn the entire basement into something like an apartment. After all, a functional kitchen, bathroom, and living space are all you need to get a tenant for the downstairs. You can even separate the upstairs with an exterior-type, locked door if there’s a separate entrance for the basement.

Hire Premier

Premier Group is the best company in Toronto for basement renovations. That’s because we have an entire team of contractors who specialize in all aspects of renovation. That means we cover everything from electrical to plumbing and so much more.

If you’re planning a basement renovation in the Toronto area, contact us at Premier Group Contractors. We look forward to hearing from you and are more than happy to answer your questions.

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint on Your Walls

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint on Your Walls


Do you want to know one of the easiest updates you can do to bring a building back to life? The answer is simple: painting! Putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls can make a massive difference in a room’s appearance. Premier Group Contractors can help you make it happen. We have a whole team of professional contractors who specialize in different aspects of renovation. That includes painters. Let’s check out some of the ways new paint can have a huge impact.

A Change of Pace

One of the first ways a new coat of paint can liven up a space is by giving the occupants a change of pace. Whether it’s your home you’re looking to fix up or your office, those who frequent the space will appreciate a change.

When you see the same color – or lack thereof – on the walls day in and day out, it can get really stale. Picking out a vibrant new color or even a muted tone thats different than you’re used to can make a space exciting again. Every time you walk through a newly-painted room, there’s a sense of excitement. After all, there’s something new and different here.

A Touch-Up

Aside from aesthetic choices, there’s also the fact that some rooms just need a touch up. Being that walls make up the base of a room, their appearance is pretty important. Over the years, walls are bound to get marked up. This is especially true for offices or homes with children. Whether your walls have crayon on them, mysterious black smudges, or dirt from dirty hands, they need some help. You might not realize how dingy a room has become until you give it some new paint.


If you bought your home used, you may have paint colors left behind from the last tenants that don’t suit you. Maybe it’s your least favorite color or maybe it just makes you feel like the room doesn’t belong to you. No matter the case, we understand entirely.

With Premier Group Contractors, you can pick out whatever paint you feel suits you. Our team will get your home feeling personalized in no time. When you return home after a long day of painting, you’ll be relieved to see your home looking like it’s finally yours.

A Job Done Right

No matter what the occasion, if you need your walls painted, Premier Group has someone just for you. Our contractors get the job done right. We make sure your paint is put on nicely, and only where it belongs. Don’t worry about cleanup; we’ve got it covered. The only thing you need to do is give us a call so that you can schedule our services. Contact us with any questions or inquiries and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Hire Premier for Professional Drywall Installation

Hire Premier for Professional Drywall Installation


Drywall installation is a necessary process for a lot of different projects. From the building of new houses to the remodeling of old ones, new drywall is required. Getting drywall installed the right way isn’t something every contractor knows how to do. That’s why you should hire one of Premier Group Contractors’ drywall installation professionals to do the job right.

Potential Mistakes

Drywall is such an integral part of every building that you don’t want to risk sloppy installation. Once drywall is installed, it’s going to become the summation of the room it’s in. After all, there’s no room with no walls. Messy drywall installation can make a room go from elegant to trashy without the right experience.

A common mistake with drywall is not aligning it well. Being able to see the seams in the drywall even after it’s been painted is a huge eyesore. With remodels, this can make things look even worse than what you upgraded from. With new houses, it can drop the value of the house down below the projected price. That, or it will sit unsold for much longer than you thought it would. That’s because no one looking to invest in a new home is going to settle for one with unattractive walls.

Health Risks

Something you may not know about drywall installation is that there are a number of health risks. This is true for a number of different parts of construction. Professionals have access to expensive safety equipment, including respirators, that allow them to do this work safely. If you don’t have a collection of safety equipment at your disposal, you shouldn’t risk drywall installation.

Drywall, like the name suggests, is a very dry material. It constantly creates a fine dust that, when inhaled, can agitate and even damage the lungs. This becomes especially dangerous when cutting drywall. Cutting through drywall creates a lot of this dust and, without a respirator, is nearly impossible not to inhale. The dust is made up of chemicals that are incredibly bad for your lungs. Prolonged exposure to this kind of dust can lead to asthma or even COPD.

Hiring Premier

The safe solution, for all drywall installation projects near Toronto, is to hire Premier Group Contractors. Our team of experienced professionals know all of the safety risks and are equipped to handle them. Everyone on our team is highly qualified and has been doing great work for years. Drywall installation is easy to do the right way when you’ve been doing it professionally for so long. That’s why if you have a project planned that’s going to include drywall installation, you can count on us fully.

If you’d like to inquire after help with drywall installation, give us a call. Premier Group offers a number of different contracting team members. If you’re still looking to fill other places in your project team, take a look at the other services we have to offer.

Save Money this Winter by Replacing Drafty Windows and Doors

Save Money this Winter by Replacing Drafty Windows and Doors


Did you know you might be wasting money every winter without even realizing it? If you’ve got older doors and windows or they’re damaged in any way, they’re probably costing you money. Premier Group Contractors is here to let you in on how you can start saving money. All you have to do is replace your drafty windows and doors. Let’s take a look at how this helps you save money.

Winter Bills

To start with, let’s take a look at how much you spend on electricity in the winter. Your winter electric bills are probably a lot higher than the rest of the year. That’s because when winter comes around, things get really cold. To keep yourself from freezing, you’ve got to run your heater almost constantly. That takes up a lot of electricity and leaves your wallet a lot emptier than usual.


When your doors or windows are old, the seal between them and the frame they’re set in begins to deteriorate. That leaves enough space for cold air to sneak inside. The same goes for windows and doors that have been damaged. If either has been damaged, cracks or splits in the frame will let in drafts. Doors that no longer close properly will do the same.

Drafts aren’t always noticeable to us. Really bad seals can let in a noticeable breeze, but sometimes it’s subtler than that. Old doors and windows can let in cold air that we don’t even notice. These drafty windows and doors are going to cost you a lot of money.

Raising Your Bill

All of these drafts work together to lower the overall temperature of your home. It’s easy for that kind of change to slip by unnoticed when the house’s temperature has already dropped so much during the change in seasons. The thing is, it really does make a difference.

A well-sealed home can get heated up and then only require the heater to kick on every few hours. When you have consistent drafts of cold air coming in all over the house, the heater may need to come on over and over again or run constantly to keep up with the continued drop in temperature. This continued work from your heater is going to run up your electric bill and cost you a lot of money over the course of the winter.

Replace Your Windows and Doors

To save yourself the drain on your wallet this year and the many years following, you should invest in replacements. Premier Group Contractors is an experienced group of professionals with the ability to do all kinds of contracting work. If you need your windows or doors replaced, or even just repaired, we’re the team for the job. Give us a call and we’ll have your drafty windows and doors replaced in no time.

Expand Your Home with an Addition

Expand Your Home with an Addition


Is your home beginning to feel a little crowded? It’s so easy for things to get this way after some time. When someone like yourself moves into a new home, there are so many opportunities for the space needs to grow. From amassing more belongings to developing space-consuming hobbies to starting a family, time has a way of demanding more space. Give yourself the extra space you need so much by getting a home addition.

Growing Family

When it comes time to start your family, if you’re fond of your home, you may put off moving. It’s easy to decide you’ll just wait until the kids are a bit older and need a bit more space. Then the kids get older and they need a bit more space but everyone’s got friends and school and jobs and you’re all still attached to the house.

That’s because your house is your home and it’s not easy to give up a home with a lot of history. But the truth is, you don’t have to! Even when you start to get tight on space in your family’s home, you can just expand. There’s no reason to sell the house that has your heart when you can just make it bigger.

Addition Types

There’s not only one way to add on to a home. There are many kinds of additions.

  • Rear expansions are a great way to add on to a home without changing the appearance from the street. This kind of expansion allows additional rooms, a dining room, another sitting room, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Additional floors can also be added to one-story homes. This kind of expansion involves making changes to the roof and can feel a lot more extensive while being in the middle of it. However, it doesn’t involve laying more foundation. This can save on money and can allow you to add space to your home without violating housing codes. In some locations, you’re required to keep a certain amount of space between homes. If you’re too close to your neighbors to expand outward, upward is the way to go.
  • Basement additions are also possible, though they do tend to be pricey. This is due to the difficulty of adding something beneath an existing structure. However, if you have the funds, it’s very much possible. Adding a basement can be great for adding additional space when you already have two floors and don’t want to expand outward.

Practical Construction

The truth is, additions are incredibly practical. It can be tempting to move when you realize you don’t have enough space. That’s the most common thing to do. That’s partially because, as a society, that’s been normalized. Getting any kind of home renovation is seen as a luxury.

However, it’s actually much more practical to get an addition than try to move into a bigger home. If you break it down, moving into a bigger home will lead to buying a home that costs more than the one you’re in, right? So, what’s the difference between that and putting some money into expanding your existing home? Expanding means keeping your existing home, neighborhood, job, and location. It’s a much simpler option than moving. Plus, you get a cool new upgrade.

Contact us at Premier Group Contractors to find out how you can expand your home with an addition. Our professionals have years of experience and are happy to help you bring your dreams to life.

Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation

Brighten Up Your Home with Professional Lighting Installation


Living in a home with inadequate lighting is depressing. For some buildings, just opening the blinds can do the trick. However, not every building has large windows, unobstructed sunlight, or a layout conducive to light traveling. This is when electric lights are invaluable. Virtually every home has lighting, but what happens when your lights break or you don’t have enough? You call Premier Group Contractors, your neighborhood experts in lighting installation.

Replacing Broken Lights

When a light stops working, it can be for a number of reasons. If the bulb is new and works in other places, it’s something you need a professional for. More often than not, if replacing the bulb didn’t work, there’s something faulty with the wiring. It could be that the lights are old and the wires haven’t aged well, or it could be bad lighting installation. In either case, they’ll need to be replaced.

Replacing lights in the home is not something that should be done DIY. Because it involves electricity and wiring, it should be left to professionals. Even if you know how to turn the electricity off and unscrew the fixture, there’s more to it than that. Installing new lights can lead to all kinds of hazards if not done properly. Premier Group has a number of experienced contracted electricians who can have your lights replaced and working in no time. With the years of experience they have with these exact kinds of projects, you can be certain the replacement will go without a hitch.

Additional Lighting

Adding new lights is a little bit more. This involves adding new fixtures to areas that didn’t previously have them. That means additional wiring. The process can involve opening up walls, cutting holes in the wall or ceiling, and turning the electricity on and off over and over again to test functionality.

When all of that’s done, the home will have to be cleaned up of all evidence of the project. If there were holes made in the walls or ceiling, they’ll have to be covered again with drywall, sealed, textured, and painted. Switch covers will be placed back where they belong, the dust and debris will be cleaned up, and you’ll be left with a brighter home and no evidence of a mess. That’s just how the process goes with seasoned professionals. There’s no room for cutting corners in construction or electrical work.

Safety and Legal Standards

The reasons to have lighting installation done by a professional are numerous. They’re not limited to the simpler aspects of electrical work. There’s a lot more to it than that. Premier Group Contractors operate with their priority on safety and legality. While the finished appearance will also go above and beyond your expectations, our main concern is ensuring home occupants don’t run into safety troubles. Wiring a new fixture can be incredibly tricky and there are a number of complicated legal requirements for how it’s done. It’s our specialty to know exactly what those are and how to work within them.

If you have questions or are interested in consulting with us about electrical work in your home, contact us! We’re eagerly awaiting your call and look forward to serving you.

Hiring Professionals for your New Flooring Installation

Hiring Professionals for your New Flooring Installation


When it’s time for home improvement, costs can be intimidating. Some people try to cut down on costs by doing things themselves. The problem is, not everything is DIY material. Painting, while it may look better when done by a professional, can be done yourself. Replacing a sink could even be done yourself if you can find the know-how you need online. Flooring installation, however, should be handled by a professional. Here’s why:

Safety Concerns

When replacing flooring, there are a number of safety concerns that people don’t often realize exist. Tearing out old flooring means encountering splinters, old nails, staples, and a variety of other things. These can all cut you and leave you with a nasty infection. The last thing you want is your DIY flooring project getting stopped midway through because you have to go get stitches.

Complex Installation

Not only are there safety concerns, installing flooring isn’t as easy as you may believe. There are a large number of small slip-ups you can make that will ruin all of your progress. From damaging the subfloor to badly cut boards, being inexperienced has its downfalls. Therefore, you should leave flooring installation to professionals who have been at it for 15 years and counting

Manual Labor

While complexity and safety may not concern you, what you should also heavily consider is the manual labor. There’s a reason professionals charge what they do for installations like this. The work is hard and dirty. While many people gain joy from hard, manual labor, you should consider if it’s worth it to you personally. Would you rather appreciate the finished product without the backbreaking effort? If so, you know what to do.

Hiring Professionals

When you hire professionals, you secure a number of benefits. Not only do you guarantee your own safety, you guarantee a job well done. Plus, when there’s a whole team working on your floors, the job gets done much faster. Working by yourself can be a slow process and leave your home without proper flooring for days or weeks. When you have a team laying down flooring, it gets done efficiently, as fast as it can be done while still remaining top of the line quality.

Choosing Premier Group

When it’s time to choose a company you trust with your home, give us a call at Premier Group Contractors. We have over a decade in the industry building lasting value right into the homes of our clients. We want to provide you with excellent service that you won’t regret fitting into your budget. When our team of contractors has finished with your floors, we want you to be confident that you made the right choice letting this project fall into professional hands.

Why Electrical Work Should Never be DIY

Why Electrical Work Should Never be DIY


Home improvement seems to awaken the craftsmanship in people. It seems like a great opportunity to get out of the routine of things and be creative. Sure, it feels great to put hard work into something and then enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, what doesn’t feel good is failing to do something properly and then having to undo it all or have it fixed by someone else. One thing that should never be done yourself is electrical work. Here’s why you should leave electrical work to the professionals:

Complex Work

Electrical work is much more complex than people give it credit for. It may seem like simply running some wires from one room to the next, but there’s an art to it. There’s a reason why you have to go to school to be a professional electrician. There are a lot of building electrical codes and guidelines that must be followed.

With new advancements in technology, it’s more important than ever that you have up to date knowledge of codes, safety standards, and how different electrical systems function. Professional electrical contractors know these things and should have the work entrusted to them.

Dangerous Mistakes

When you begin messing with the electrical in your home, you are risking a lot. Electrical wiring is a dangerous thing to go rearranging when you don’t have the experience and knowledge to go along with it. One slip of the hand could leave you in the hospital. One wrongly placed wire could leave your house burned to the ground shortly down the line.

Electricians know exactly what to watch for when handling wiring and electrical engineering. While you may think turning off the electricity is enough to guarantee your safety, a professional knows there’s more to it. What happens after you’re done is just as important as your safety during the rewiring endeavor.

Professional Insight

Also worth considering is that rewiring a house is not a simple task. While the concept seems straightforward, there’s more to it than that. Planning ahead to ensure certain outlets are attached to certain circuits can be tricky. Extending certain wires may be necessary if you’re doing something like taking down a wall in your home. There’s a reason why it’s called electrical engineering. It takes quite a bit of critical thinking and skill in the area.

Hire Premier Group

When you’re ready to work on the electrical in your home, Premier Group Contractors is the company for you. We can do whatever update or remodel you have planned from the very beginning, if it suits you. Our team is made up of contractors experienced in a number of different things. No matter what you have planned, we’re sure to have someone for the job.

Give us a call if you have questions about our services. We even offer free quotes so that our potential clients know exactly what they’re dealing with before committing.

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