Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a popular home improvement due to the fact that the area gets so much daily use. Keeping an up-to-date bathroom can play a large role in the health and wellbeing of you and your family. No one is impressed by a dark, dingy and deteriorating bathroom. An upgrade can actually make the bathroom an impressive place that starts and ends your day off on the right foot. A simple bathroom renovation can also increase the value of your property. Here are some of the most popular bathroom remodeling ideas that Premier Group Contractors can help you with to transform your home.

Upgraded Bathtub

Bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes and types of use. Maybe you’re looking for something that evokes an elegant time gone past like a freestanding clawfoot tub. There’s wide range of modern materials that are currently used to make clawfoots or you can go for a truly vintage piece. Other people might want to go more modern and install a jacuzzi or large soaker tub. Depending on the space you have available you might be able to install a corner tub to allow more than one user at a time. If space and cash flow is limited, you might stick to an alcove tub that’s enclosed on three sides. Although alcove tubs are cheapest types on the market they can still be quite luxurious.

Upgraded Shower

Bathrooms that only featured a shower were, at one time, only the norm in smaller, secondary bathrooms that didn’t have space for a tub. However, with faster paced, modern lifestyles and concern for the environment, showers have started to supplant the use of bathtubs altogether. And with the advent of open concept, walk in showers, rainforest shower heads and shower seating, many modern bathrooms are skipping the bathtub entirely.

Upgraded Toilet

With recent advances in water conservation technology, toilets have undergone their biggest transformation in generations. It does seem to be quite wasteful to flush away several gallons of clean, fresh water every time the toilet is used. However, modern advances in efficiency mean that water use has markedly decreased in today’s generation of toilets. Not only do you save the environment, but you save money. Other advances in toilet design include a the wall hung toilet where the tank is built into the wall, dual flush toilets which have always been popular in Europe, soft closing seats or Japanese style toilets with a bidet and other accessories.

Upgraded Sinks

A popular bathroom remodeling project is to install his and hers sinks. The addition of an extra sink may be a simpler solution than installing a whole new bathroom. Like toilets, sinks have also come a long way over the years and there are now several styles form which to choose. The typical wall hung or pedestal basin has been updated and customers are now able to install stylish countertop basins, round basins and vanity units. Water conservation technology also plays a role in modern sinks by reducing the amount of water used while maintaining optimal flow.

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