8 Must-Have Bathroom Features to Boost Home Value

There’s no doubt that an updated kitchen is top of the list for many buyers. After feasting their eyes on the kitchen though, the next room they also need a huge checkmark next to on their list is the bathroom. The appeal of the bathroom is in the fact that it’s where you can get away from people – completely opposite to the kitchen – and is perhaps the only place you can be in the comfort of your guaranteed privacy. So it goes without saying that you – and future buyers – want the bathroom to be loaded with features that help ease you into that pool of calm where you can relax and truly be yourself.


You can personalise your bathroom any which way you want, but if you’re thinking of selling your house in the near future, it’s probably best to stick with the features most people love so much that they’ve become must-haves in their dream bathroom. Let’s take a look at what some of these features are, from the easiest and space-friendly upgrades first:


Shower head upgrade

Spas are the ultimate relaxation treats and many people want to bring a little bit of that experience into their own bathrooms. One way to do that is to upgrade your shower head system into one that has a body spray function and a rain shower head, with the option of a separate shower wand.


Water-efficient plumbing fixtures

People are becoming more aware of the world’s dwindling fresh water supply and many want to do their part in water conservation. Installing low-flow shower heads, low-flow faucets or faucet aerators, and low-flow or dual-flush toilets is a big step towards reducing household water usage. Having water-efficient plumbing fixtures already installed is a major plus on many green-conscious people’s books.


Built-in cabinets or open shelves

Extra storage is always appreciated and that’s often a rare commodity in the bathroom. You can put up open shelves on any empty wall space or even have custom cabinets built to keep your bathroom essentials out of sight. Better yet, if you have the room and want a lot of storage space, convert a corner into a storage closet complete with floor-to-ceiling shelving and its own door.


Vanity mirror lighting

Many bathrooms are actually inadequately lit with a single lamp in the middle of the ceiling. So any bathrooms that have additional lighting will stand out from the rest. The most important area that needs ample lighting is by the vanity mirror, where people spend much of their time brushing away their sleepiness in preparation for a brand new day. That additional lighting can come in the form of a pair of sconce lamps on either side of the vanity mirror and/or a pair of table lamps that match the bathroom décor on the vanity. If you need electrical wiring or extra sockets installed for the lamps, make sure it’s done by a professional electrician.



Ever notice how you never seem to have enough space to place clean clothes or towels when you’re about to take a shower? Or you when you need to sit down to dry your feet and have to do that on the toilet seat lid? If you have the space in your bathroom, a built-in bench (maybe even one that flips up against the wall to save space) or at least a portable one would make life a lot easier.


Trough sinks

Again, this feature is only if you have space in your bathroom. Trough sinks are great because they give you and your family the flexibility of using the sink simultaneously if you’re all pressed for time some mornings.


Radiant floor heating and/or towel warmer

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a shower onto a warm tile floor. Not only does radiant floor heating keep you from missing your hot shower too much, but it also helps dry the bathroom floor a lot faster and prevents humidity build-up in the bathroom. You can even add a wall-mounted or freestanding towel warmer for an extra touch of cozy luxury.


Bathtub-shower wet room

There’s a growing trend these days to place a freestanding bathtub inside a shower area partitioned from the rest of the bathroom as a wet room. This trend is catching on because it’s safer (you don’t have to take a big step over the side of the bathtub every time you just want to take a shower), low-maintenance (you can clean around the bathtub without having to step into it to clean the wall on the bathtub side), and design-friendly (the ability to use a freestanding bathtub opens the door to a wide range of bathtub looks and shapes that you can choose from).


Even if your bathroom can’t accommodate all of these features, integrating any of these into your bathroom will make it that much more attractive. If you want your bathroom to stand out to potential buyers, always make sure to check out what features are standard in your neighbourhood so that you can match them and add extra unique features that will put your bathroom a notch above the rest.

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