8 Extra Storage Ideas to Tack on During Basement Renovations



Let’s face it: there’s a lot of stuff that gets accumulated throughout your lifetime. Much of that stuff eventually make their way into boxes stashed in your basement that you may or may not ever see again. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


If you’ve decided to take the first step to turn the basement into a useful space, then it’s time to take a hard look at all the stuff down there and start de-cluttering. And you can do that starting this weekend. Once you’ve got everything down to what you truly need in your life, put them all in their proper places throughout the house.


As for the remaining items you still want to keep but don’t belong anywhere else other than the basement, sort them into plastic bins and label everything. Then store them with one or more of these ideas you can tack on during your upcoming basement renovations:


Deep shelving

If you have a lot of essentials or memorable keepsakes even after you’ve gone through an honest de-clutter, deep shelving is the best storage workhorse to stack bins. Make sure the shelves are built on a sturdy frame of 2-by-4s. The shelves should be deep enough for at least one large plastic storage bin placed length-wise or two smaller bins.


Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

The advantage of using floor-to-ceiling cabinets is that you get to both maximize storage space as well as hide your items out-of-sight behind cabinet doors. In addition to solid shelves inside the cabinets, include deep pull-out drawers as well. They’ll give you better access to your items instead of straining to reach for things at the very back of the cabinets.


Cubby-hole shelving units

On the flip side, having all your collector’s memorabilia displayed out in the open may be exactly what you want. In this case, you can opt for cubby-hole shelving units. It’s a versatile set-up that allows you to arrange the items however you want without sacrificing storage space.


Under-stairs storage closet

Don’t underestimate how much you can fit beneath the stairs to the basement! It’s a great place to convert into a storage closet, inside which you can build shelves supported by each stair step. You can even turn each step into a pull-out drawer from the side.


Partitioned storage room

You can always dedicate an entire room to storage, too. Put up walls and a door around an unused corner of the basement. That way, you can design custom storage units for the interior to suit your needs. When guests come over, all you have to do is just shut the storage room’s door.


Wall storage

This idea is perfect to support your hobby and all the supplies that go with it. Find creative ways to store or organize your hobby items with wall-mounted magnetic strips, pegboards, and wire racks. Remember to always secure any weight-bearing organizers to wall studs.


Locker row

To safely store expensive or delicate tools, consider getting a row of lockers. Keep the key or combination code on your person or somewhere hidden and go about your day with peace of mind.


Furniture with built-in storage

There are furniture specifically designed with extra storage in mind. If you’ve renovated your basement into a den or entertainment area for guests, make use of furniture with built-in storage drawers.


With all these ideas, the end result is less stuff and more space. Not to mention a big sigh of relief.

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