7 Changes to Make Your Bathroom Slip-Resistant



It’s one thing to waterproof your bathroom; it’s entirely another to make it slip-resistant. Over 235,000 people get hospitalized every year from bathroom injuries and a third of them happen around the bathtub/shower area.


What can you do to prevent slip-and-fall incidents in your bathroom? Here are 7 changes you can make to its environment:


Radiant floor heating

Not only is this a must-have feature to boost home value, but it’s also crucial in keeping your bathroom floor dry. Even if the floor is just lightly heated, it’ll make a big difference in drying the floor that much quicker. Besides, there’s nothing quite like stepping out of the shower onto a toasty warm floor!


Non-slip flooring

Whatever flooring you decide to go with, make sure that its material is ideal for the bathroom. You should also choose floors that have a non-slip surface texture just to be on the safe side.


Efficient ventilation fan

The steam that builds up in the bathroom during showers will make the whole room slippery if it’s not well-ventilated. Install an efficient ventilation fan and keep it running during the whole shower to eliminate steam build-up as quickly as possible.


Handrails in and around bathtub/shower area

You should have handrails mounted securely on the walls within the bathtub/shower area as well as around it. This area is naturally the most prone to slip-and-falls so installing extra handrails is an excellent precaution.



Whether you get a portable one or have it built-in, a bench is a great idea in the bathroom. With somewhere to sit down to dry your feet, you won’t have to try hopping around on one leg and risk slipping on the floor.



A bathmat right outside the bathtub/shower area will soak up 80% of the source of water puddles in the bathroom. Just remember to stay on the mat while you dry yourself. Most importantly, you should only get proper bathmats where the underside is made with a non-slip material.


Regular maintenance

This is a proactive way to keep the bathroom safe for the next person who uses it after you. Immediately wipe down the bathtub/shower area after each use and mop the floor dry of any water puddles. Also, set a reminder for yourself to clean the bathtub/shower area every week to get rid of slippery soap scum collecting on the surface.


You spend time in the bathroom to relax and bookend your days. So keep it that way and avoid the stress of dealing with slip-and-fall injuries that can be mitigated through simple changes in the bathroom.

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