5 More House Projects to Do in the Summer


You’ve already dusted your hands off from the previous five summer projects? Right on!


Well, for bonus points, here are five more:


Pool and patio deck

You probably want to schedule this project to be done as early as possible at the onset of summer. Then you can enjoy it right away for the rest of the sunbathing days in the season. Summer is also when you can be sure the ground is soft enough to install an in-ground pool. And with the ample summer sun, you can build a deck from framing to staining in a matter of days. Just make sure to factor in the permit approval time when you’re building a new deck.


Landscape the yard

Ever wanted to have a flower bed or your very own rock garden? Maybe you’ve been thinking about some hedges for privacy or trees for shade. Landscaping does a big number in upping the curb value of your home. While you’re at it, why not try to get away from the typical postage-stamp grass lawn? Choose plants that serve useful functions for a yard that’s greener than just its looks.


Renew fence

Your fence is literally the first thing that people see since it’s put up right at the edge of your property. So it’s a good investment to give it a little TLC while it’s nice out. Replace any posts that look rundown and update the fence look with a brand-new paint job. Here’s a cost-saving tip: if you share a fence with your neighbours, ask if they’re willing to chip in half the costs. Chances are, they’ll say yes since they also get the benefits of a sturdy fence.


Kitchen renovations

One of the commonly overlooked effects of kitchen renovations is how you’ll prepare your meals. Sure, you can budget in going out to the restaurant for the duration of the remodel. You can even decide to be budget-conscious and plan out a whole slew of microwaved meals. But if you renovate your kitchen during the summer, you’ve got yourself a third option: BBQ-grilled feasts. Now you have a very good excuse to hold BBQ parties in your backyard every hot evening. That’s the stuff legendary summers are made of.


Maintenance work

Of course, every season has its share of chores for house upkeep and summer’s no different. First up is that BBQ grill. You know, the one you’ll use to host epic BBQ parties during kitchen renos? Yep, that should be cleaned – especially if you see yourself using it a lot this summer.

It’s also a good time to put some detergent in the outdoor trash can and give it thorough rinsing with the garden hose. That’ll get rid of any lingering bits and smell inside. If you have flower pots on your porch or walkway, make sure to scrub the stains underneath and re-position the pots somewhere else.

You also want to improve air quality and circulation at home by cleaning all the air conditioner parts. Do the same with the window screens. And since you won’t be using your fireplace much during summer anyway, take the opportunity to sweep out the soot build-up in your chimney. You should actually do this every three months or so with the help of a professional.

Last but not least, the dryness of summer makes it a lot easier to clear the leaves-and-twigs debris out of the gutters. Make sure to add that task to your list, too.


Now, grab yourself a cool drink and soak up some sun on the new patio deck. You’re well-prepared for whatever the next season throws at you.

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