5 Colour Palettes That Will Always Look Good In Any Room



There are millions of dizzying colour combinations and it can be overwhelming to decide how you want your home interior to be painted. It also depends on whether you want the colours to serve a particular function like visually enlarging a space or even controlling your appetite.


If you don’t already have a specific colour palette in mind, here are five timeless palettes that will always look good in any room:


Grey with black and/or white

Let’s start with the safest colours first and those will always be the neutral colours. What’s brilliant about playing around with a base of neutral colours is that any colourful items you add will instantly pop out. The power of neutral colours lies in their versatility for any décor.


Blue and grey

Still sticking with a safe grey as one of the colours, blue and grey is another great palette to have in the house. There’s a touch more colour to it, but it’s subtle – especially if you use a paler blue – because blue is a one of the non-neutral colours with the closest undertones to grey. Blue and grey is a solid colour palette to anchor any room with as that combination is inspired by mountainous landscapes.


Blue and white

This is a brighter version of another safe colour palette. It’s reminiscent of the serenity of quiet seas and clear skies. It also brings back a sense of classic as you’re reminded of the simple beauty of the first porcelain designs in the world. The calm of blue and the purity of white is a tranquil pairing indeed.


Orange and blue

Now let’s get adventurous! We’ll keep the blue since it’s so often the favourite colour for most people. When you add in a splash of orange though, it creates a vibrant look that still somehow feels balanced. The balance comes from the fact that orange and blue are complementary colours across the colour wheel.


Orange, yellow, and cream

Another safe bet is often combining a bunch of warm colours together or vice versa for cool colours. The orange-yellow-cream palette is a fantastic example of mixing warm colours together. Harnessing the optimistic shades of the sun, this palette will brighten up any room with its cheerful tones.


Start with these colour palettes and change them up as your tastes evolve over the years!

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