4 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

With the amount of time we spend in the bathroom every day, the bathroom should be at the top of the renovations priority list (well, second to the kitchen). But if you’re ever stuck wondering exactly why you should renovate the bathroom before adding the patio in the back, here are four good reasons why:


Increased home value

If you’re thinking of selling the house in the near feature, this reason alone would be enough to spur you into action. The two rooms you’ll get the most bang for your buck in renovations are the kitchen and the bathroom. We’ve talked about why kitchen renovations are worth it before so we’ll focus on the bathroom this time. According to the “2016 Cost vs. Value Report” in Remodeling Magazine, U.S. homeowners were able to recoup as much as 70% of their bathroom remodel costs from their house sale. This high recoup percentage goes to show just how much buyers value updated bathrooms. It’s easy to understand why if you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer.

Think back to the times when you visited your friend’s house and had to use their bathroom at one point in the evening. It always feels a bit uncomfortable using someone else’s bathroom. Even if it’s spotless, there’s always that lingering doubt simply because it’s not your own. Now imagine if, on top of that, the bathroom looks like a “modern” bathroom from the heyday of the ‘70s. Yeah…you probably want to just quickly do your thing and get out of there as fast as you can. A newly remodelled bathroom goes a long way in helping potential buyers overcome their initial discomfort at being in someone else’s bathroom. At the same time, it’ll bring your house that much closer to many buyers’ dream of getting a turnkey house where they don’t have to deal with more renovations.


Utilities savings

New products with improved smart home technology come out every year and many of them are designed for to help homeowners save on utility costs. The bathroom is arguably where you use the most water in the house so it makes sense to upgrade its plumbing fixtures. Some water-efficient upgrades you can make include low-flow shower heads, low-flow faucets or faucet aerators, and low-flow/dual-flush toilets. There’s also the opportunity of installing energy-efficient lights as well. Instead of having a single ceiling pot light with inefficient bulbs, why not put in several lighting sources with high-efficiency bulbs? You’ll get multi-directional lighting – which is crucial in the bathroom – at a much lower cost.

These energy-efficient changes are big selling points for buyers because it means that they’ll maximise cost-savings right from the get-go. And if you don’t intend on selling the house yet, you’ll still get the pay-off of cost-savings in the long run.


Decreased clutter

We all know that entropy is king in our lives and it seems like there’s never enough space for all the stuff we accumulate. The same goes for life in the bathroom. Everyone has their daily bathroom routines and all the supplies for those routines get stored in the bathroom. Eventually though, the excess starts spilling over onto the bathroom counter. That’s when you know you have a problem. So when you get the chance to renovate your bathroom, make sure to maximise the storage space in there. You can build custom cabinets, open shelves, or even a storage closet if you have the space. It’ll give a good impression to potential buyers and you’ll feel like life is somewhat under control – at least when you enter the bathroom anyway! Ultimately, decreased clutter is what will lead you to the next benefit of renovating your bathroom.


Relaxation zone

When you’re in the bathroom with the door closed, you’re in your own zone. You can relax and have a moment to lose yourself in your own thoughts. To take full advantage of these moments, it helps a lot if you’ve treated yourself by turning the bathroom into your own personal spa. Switch out your shower head for a rain shower one with a body spray function. Install radiant floor heating and even towel warmers. In fact, just go all out and build a bathtub-shower wet room. Your future self soaking in a candlelit bubble bath will thank you one day.


The bathroom is where you prepare for and wind down each day of your life. So why not bookend every day with a bathroom that brings you joy?

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