3 Great Uses for an Empty Basement
3 Great Uses for an Empty Basement

If you’ve got yourself an empty basement, you might be wondering what to do with it. Basement spaces are a fantastic opportunity for a lot of different things. It’s really just a matter of what’s right for you. So, here are 3 uses for an empty basement that can all be achieved with the help of Premier Group Contractors.

Entertaining Space

If you love having friends over and want somewhere you can really enjoy bringing company, an entertaining space might be the right choice. Trying to host parties are gatherings when you just don’t have the space for it is a huge bummer. However, get your empty basement turned into an entertaining space and friends will be flocking to your place in no time. 

Use the wide open space to add a kitchenette and wet bar. Mount a TV for watching movies and playing games. It can be a great idea to soundproof the room so you can watch movies without making noise upstairs. You can even put in a pool table or any other kind of entertainment that suits you. Do what’s right for you and your circle. The possibilities are endless. 

Some fun additions that Premier Group can help with are:

  • Dimmable lights. These are perfect if you have a bar and TV combo, allowing guests to get themselves drinks without interrupting the room’s lighting for the movie you’re all watching.
  • Integrated shelving. These shelves can line the walls beside your TV. These provide ample space for game and movie titles as well as consoles.

Individual Suite

If you don’t find yourself hosting friends much, you might find turning your basement into a suite is more useful. This move can make renting out your basement space a possibility. Plus, if your basement is exposed to the outside on any wall, we can add an exterior door. An exterior door will make it so you and your tenants don’t have to share space.

This is an easily achievable space. Putting up additional walls makes adding a bedroom and bathroom easy. Giving your future tenants a bedroom, bathroom, living space, and kitchenette is enough to charge apartment rates. Just remember to be good neighbors too!

Room for Kids

If you’re uninterested in the more entertaining uses for an empty basement, you might be thinking about kids. Whether you have kids already or are waiting to start a family until you have more room, the basement is an incredible asset. An empty basement can turn into multiple additional bedrooms, a new bathroom, and even a playroom, depending on the size. Give your family what they need to grow into individuals and have their own space in your home. 

If you already have kids and they’re getting older, giving them their own space downstairs is also great. You may be able to give them an upgrade in room size and you can say goodbye to sharing a bathroom with them. Plus, every couple likes having more space to themselves. With the kids downstairs, you can worry less about someone stumbling in when you’re looking for privacy. Plus, you can even take down the wall between your room and one that’s just been vacated. Turn your master bedroom into something truly worthy of the title. You can even make or expand an existing on-suite bathroom. 

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